How to Write and SEO a Sales Letter Landing Page

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses tips on successful methods for SEO copywriting

(Nationwide)—The ultimate goal in SEO copywriting, regardless if it’s for a sales letter landing page, an article page or a topic page, is to choose and include the right keywords, attract targeted website traffic and optimize the page to ensure it gets found within search engines.

In order to decide on relevant keywords to focus on, the Google Keyword Tool should be consulted. It will show the search volume of the specific keywords while giving suggestions of additional related keywords.

In order to determine if a keyword is worth targeting, take the specific phrase and search for it in Google with quotation marks around it. These results will show the specific competition on that keyword phrase in the exact word order it was searched under.

Next, it’s important to discover the Keyword Competition Index (KCI). The KCI reveals the relationship of demand to competition based on the search volume and the number of directly competing websites.

To properly calculate a KCI, take your estimated annual search impressions (which is the monthly average searches taken from the Google Keyword Tool and multiplied by 12 for the amount of months in a year) and divide it by the number of exact match search engine results.

A KCI of a “1” or more is considered to be a high KCI. These are the terms that should be targeted with a keyword cluster filled of optimized posts.

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