Learn How to Implement an Internet Marketing Strategy Model that Uses Free Content to Drive Online Traffic

Content producers and online publishers can utilize this modern Internet Marketing Strategy from Mequoda Group to reach niche markets while growing a fan base

(Nationwide)—Modern publishing professionals have stepped away from traditional publishing models by using free content as their internet marketing strategy to drive online traffic. A percentage of that traffic is then converted into email newsletter subscribers who receive fresh content from the publisher on a regular basis. The ability to reach an audience through emails helps to create meaningful relationships while also developing a potential revenue stream.

Free content can come in the form of email newsletter subscriptions, special website access, eBooks, blogs, web feeds, audio podcasts or video pieces. Some of these mediums may evolve further as new media-rich technology is developed and released.

Offering free content through various media sources, both free and paid, helps to attract visitors to content provided by the publisher. When visitors enter the website, regardless of the landing page used, they should be provided the content and offered a free product, or multiple free products in exchange for their email address.

This marketing method allows the website visitor to experience the content and products from a company before ever being asked for money. The free relationship will continue and grow. During future email correspondence the email recipients may then be offered additional products that cost money.

All content producers who want to create strong relationships within their community should utilize this modern Internet marketing strategy.

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