Learn How to Write and SEO Topic Descriptions with These SEO Copywriting Tips


June 11th, 2010

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Learn How to Write and SEO Topic Descriptions with These SEO Copywriting Tips

Portals on specific topics will direct your visitors to the content they are most interested in

As the name suggests, a topic page is about one specific subject, category or topic. They are usually found in a site’s primary navigation, either on the right or left side of the screen.

A topic page can be as simple as the topic label and a list of articles, or it can be more elaborate by incorporating all the resources about the topic. This would basically create a portal for all the related material on the topic.

Primary topics are directly related to the keyword phrases a website is targeting. Each topic will be a primary keyword and have a keyword cluster supporting it.

Just like all SEO copywriting, it’s important to have a balance between keyword usage and effective writing. To properly add SEO copywriting into topic descriptions, sprinkle your keywords throughout the description.

Here’s an example of a topic description for SEO copywriting:

SEO Copywriting – SEO Copywriting focuses on elements that help publishers attract customers through organic searches by using keyword-rich copy. In this topic you will find articles on SEO Copywriting, keyword research and how to optimize all the necessary components of your posts and web pages.

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