Learn SEO Copywriting Secrets in this Free SEO Copywriting Handbook


May 28th, 2010

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Learn SEO Copywriting Secrets in this Free SEO Copywriting Handbook

Start writing for the Internet so your website can be found and indexed by search engines

(Nationwide)—The Internet has changed the face of copywriting forever. Today, the copywriter needs to understand special skills in addition to being able to persuade a reader to act.

Writing for the Internet – especially landing pages – requires a mastery of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. These skills are still new to many print copywriters.

Direct response copywriters are experts at creating mesmerizing headlines that catch the attention of readers. These headlines are followed by irresistible product offers that tempt the reader to purchase.

Today, copywriters are putting these types of sales letters on the Internet, but without proper SEO writing, the persuasive pieces will not be found and indexed by search engines like Google. If your product cannot be found, it virtually does not exist to the online community.

To learn the skills necessary to create search engine optimized sales letters, blog posts, topic descriptions and press releases, download our complimentary SEO Copywriting Handbook.

In this handbook you will also learn how to find your keywords, how to build and manage a keyword cluster, the best keywords to target, how to use social media to build buzz and links, how to execute an SEO campaign and how to measure its results.

To learn how to write effectively for the Internet, start with our free SEO Copywriting Handbook.

To receive your free digital copy of our 48-page SEO Copywriting Handbook, visit https://www.mequoda.com/free-reports/seo-copywriting-secrets/ now.

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