Mobile Site Design for Content Publishers Free Report Released

March 3rd, 2010

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Mobile Site Design for Content Publishers Free Report Released

Strategies for usability, design and content distribution

(Nationwide)—With the advent of the iPhone and other SmartPhones, there is a need for usability to extend beyond web browsers. This influx of people accessing online information on-demand with their cell phones has to be met by content publishers successfully. The Mobile Site Design for Content Publishers free report explains this process throughout 7 tips.

Mobile publishing is happening now and it’s everywhere. People on the go, in restaurants, in business meetings, walking their dog, and traveling on trains want to have access to the internet when they need it.

Testing is a key in properly building a site for mobile users. This free report includes three effective methods for conducting usability tests on your site.

This free report also discusses the abundance of tools available to you on the web, both free and paid, that you can use to easily create mobile-friendly sites. For instance, companies that use WordPress as their content management system have dozens of available plugins to use.

The seven tips explained in this free report includes are:
-Mobile publishing can be profitable.
-Mobile publishing can be easy.
-Mobile publishing is NOW.
-Mobile publishing is everywhere.
-Mobile usability testing is key.
-Mobile usability testing should be thorough.
-Mobile publishing may mean you have to infuse a little ugly.

For more insight on these tips visit for your complimentary copy of the Mobile Site Design for Content Publishers free report.

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