Publishing Industry Research Company Announces Date and Location for their next Online Publishing and Internet Marketing Conference

Bristol, RI – June 11, 2009– For the sixth year in a row, the world’s most prestigious publishers and information marketers will come together in Boston for the Mequoda Group’s 2-day Mequoda Summit on October 7-9th, 2009

The Mequoda Summit is one of the publishing industry’s leading Internet marketing conferences. The event is geared toward publishing executives, editors and marketers looking to create new online revenue streams, sell more products online and build more profitable websites.

“Many publishing professionals are leaving serious money on the table by staying uninformed about the latest online publishing and Internet marketing best practices,” said Don Nicholas, Mequoda’s Managing Partner. “But others, who are committed to learning and implementing all the details of SEO, link building and email newsletter marketing are succeeding and blowing away their competitors.”

Summit attendees will learn from over forty case studies based on successful online publishing companies and will walk away with over a dozen hands-on tools that will improve and track the progress and ROI of their online marketing and publishing efforts.

There are twelve courses spread out over two days focused on how to attract, convert, retain and monetize website visitors. On day three, there is an optional SEO workshop for publishers looking to take a deeper dive into optimizing their content for the web.

Topics covered include:

  • Online Market Analysis — Getting to Know Your Online Neighborhood
  • Search Engine Optimization — Mapping and Tracking your Keyword Universe
  • Website Conversion Architecture — Converting Visitors to Email Subscribers
  • Online Content Management — Using Content to Sell Content
  • Landing Page Optimization—Multivariate and A/B Testing for Higher Conversions
  • PR & Link Building — Marketing Free Reports to Build Links
  • Email Newsletter Marketing — Testing to Maximize Email Revenue and Profit
  • Digital Product Development — Increasing Customer Lifetime Value
  • Social Media Marketing — Building Online Community and Engagement
  • Structuring Online Jobs — Hiring and Training Online Editors
  • Key Metric Analysis — Managing Online Metrics by Exception
  • Business Plan Development — Creating a 5-Year Plan

To learn more about the Mequoda Summit, please visit or contact Amanda MacArthur at 401-396-9334.


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