Three Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

This free report on website design guidelines from Mequoda Group will teach you mistakes to avoid while creating a website and best practices to utilize

(Nationwide)—A poorly designed website will discourage visitors and often spur them to leave the page and never return. It is very important to make a good first impression to users because it may be the only chance you get.

The following three website design mistakes should be known to anyone building a website. Acknowledging these mistakes will stop website designers from falling into the wrong traps.

Website Design Mistake #1Bury your frequency: To avoid this, websites should include their most current posts in a list from newest to oldest in the upper left website homepage quadrant.

Website Design Mistake #2Hide your content: To avoid this, use perma-link topic pages, tag pages and author pages. Including these will make sure that your articles aren’t given search engine-generated URLs. Search engine-generated URLs will make your site virtually invisible.

Website Design Mistake #3Avoid Keyword phrases: Clever headlines do not matter if an audience does not search for the keywords being used. Avoid this by using the Google Keyword Tool to determine what keywords people are searching for. Incorporate these keywords into the website content.

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