Website Homepage Design Tips and Tools

May 7th, 2010

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Website Homepage Design Tips and Tools

Learn how to create a user-friendly website that satisfies visitors

(Nationwide)—The Internet’s reach grows every second. In order to compete with the mass of websites on the Web today, it is imperative to have a well designed website.

A website homepage should be designed with the user in mind. In most cases, users want an experience that is rewarding. One that engages them and does not waste their time.

Designers and online business owners always want their website to be aesthetically pleasing, but with that comes the risk of having a website that loads slowly.

Our 25-page Website Homepage Design Basics free white paper discusses ways of implementing a user-friendly website by giving tips, tools and mistakes to avoid while planning your website’s design. The following information can be found within the free report:

-Website Homepage Design Basics Take-Away #1: When and how to test your website.
-Website Homepage Design Basics Take-Away #2: Free tools for optimizing your website.
-Website Homepage Design Basics Take-Away #3: The best practices of the Mequoda Website Scorecard.
-Website Homepage Design Basics Take-Away #4: Things to avoid while designing your website.
-Website Homepage Design Basics Take-Away #5: Essentials for making a good impression to first time website visitors.
-Website Homepage Design Basics Take-Away #6: Insight from an experienced Systems Director.

To learn tips on how to design a user-friendly website start with our free white paper Website Homepage Design Basics.

To receive your free digital copy of Website Homepage Design Basics, visit now.

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