Landing Page Review

OK, folks. Bring your seat and tray to the upright position. We’re ready for take off with an incredibly convincing and compelling landing page that shows you the mesmerizing influence of “good old fashioned-take-no-prisoners-suck-out-the-money-from the wallet” copy and graphics.

The secret of creating streams of revenue in a niche business is to identify a problem that keeps your prospect up at night and then give them a real, viable, solution. Now everywhere you go on the Internet there’s always some marketer who says they’ve invented a better “widget” (I’ve never seen a widget, but apparently there are a lot of them out there) to improve every website owner’s quagmire: search engine ranking with the 800 pound gorilla Google as well as with Yahoo, and MSN.

  • But how does one get the #1 SEO ranking?
  • By addressing the misunderstood holy grail of traffic generators: SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Being curious creatures, we are naturally incredulous about every software product that comes down the pike that promises a higher ranking.
  • And because we are… marketers have to be convincing with their copy and graphics.
  • accomplishes it and does it quite well.’s Landing Page Scorecard

1. Headline – A

Cut and dry and very effective. Just like Sgt. Friday on the old “Dragnet” series, this headline delivers “just the facts, ma’am.” No fluff… no confusion. It reaches out to its niche audience with a problem that everyone in cyberspace has: getting higher on the proverbial search engine ladder so you can not generate just any traffic BUT targeted traffic.

It’s concise and delivers a promise, with a unique and useful strategy, while using the popular word in direct response advertising.

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2. Story and Content – A

The main thrust of is to empower the average “newbie” to take control of their marking and propel their website to the top of the search engine hierarchy so they can get very important targeted traffic. They hammer this home continually through out the copy while at the same time telling the reader that anyone can accomplish this.

And even though it’s geared towards “newbies”, the proof is so compelling that veterans will get caught up in the fever of higher rankings and getting more targeted traffic.

3. Content Webification – A

This is a landing site that uses long form copy. The copy gets you excited about how your site’s ranking is going to take off and get ranked (hopefully to #1) just by using this software. They accomplish this feat by using extensive proof and testimonials and explaining on each line how and why this particular software will deliver “the real goods” over the competition. It keeps pushing you—actually overwhelming you with proof—towards the call of action.

4. Email Capture – A

The minute you come to the site, “PLOP!” That’s the sound of a pop up appearing in front you delivering a strong specific promise: Discover how I made over 51,027.00 in Just Weeks. And to learn how they achieved this magnificent feat you have to, yep, you guessed it… give up your e-mail address. So right there the site tries to get your name and address PLUS at then end of the copy they request it again. Good job.

5. User Testimonials – A

Effective and convincing. Strong use of written testimonials along with the recipient’s photos makes this proof a powerful one-two punch. There’s also a very strong use of audio testimonials right at the beginning of the copy. Its goal is to stop the prospect after he reads the benefit in the headline and PROVE to him asap that this product really works.

Here’s the part that you should pay attention to when dealing with testimonials. Don’t use testimonials for your product or service that all sound the same. You know, the “usual puffery.” Try to model yourself after this site: each testimonial is very specific in giving a unique experience about their particular results in using SEO Elite.

6. Links to Order Flow – C

Disappointing. Great copy—captivating graphics—all lead you to the call of action where the link to order button is. There’s very long copy here… some time during the selling a prospect might want to order NOW. Instead, he’d have to go to the end of the copy to FINALLY order, when—if they were hooked earlier—they should be taken to the order page immediately.

7. Labeling and Language – A

Here is a strong synergistic approach to using copy and graphics. The language is easy to understand. It draws the user in, explaining how SEO and this program works… The copy and graphics (of the ranking proof) keep courting and proving to the prospect that he’s getting closer and closer to cracking the code of getting a higher search ranking.

8. Content Density and Readability – A

Excellent. Again, this is one long direct response letter; not a portal site that has lots of links. Easy to read and comprehend… The marketer holds your hand and in layman’s terms, actually holds your hand and PROVES to you that you can indeed get to numero uno on google and other engines.

9. Content Freshness & Urgency – B

Judges decision: B! Why? Well, because it’s a landing page that is selling a product that delivers a specific outcome. I’m pretty sure that it’s pretty static if the marketer is getting a good conversion rate. There’s a built sense of urgency to buy the product—because everyday you don’t have it—is a day that you’re not getting the traffic you need to get you to #1.

10. Load Time – F

Granted, there are a lot of graphics which is why if you have a 14.4 connection then perhaps you should get out of the cave and get a FASTER one. I have cable; it was pretty fast. But 599 seconds? Yikes! There might be something with our trusty Web analyzer if this is what they record (Kim check this out for yourself, please…:)

Connection Rate Download Time

  • 14.4K – 599.35 seconds (Bake a cake – start to finish)
  • 28.8K – 299.67 seconds (order a pizza while waiting)
  • 33.6K – 256.86 seconds (do some long division)
  • 56K – 154.12 seconds (chat with a friend on the phone)
  • ISDN 128K – 47.20 seconds (take a cat-nap)
  • T1 1.44Mbps – 4.10 seconds ( inhale… now exhale)

11. Aesthetics – A

Very effective. What gets you to buy this product is the fact that the whole site is interactive. When it shows you the proof of a ranking… it invites you to click on the graphic—which goes on to prove that a particular site on weight loss is indeed #1. Impressive!

12. Ordering Options – D

No company number or email contact information that I could find. There is a problem ticket area to submit but that is for members only. This bothered me because what happens if a newbie has concerns about how to use the product or any other customer service problem. People want to know that they can contact a real live person for assistance.


Outstanding and convincing. The copy and graphics get you caught up in the excitement of your site becoming #1 on search engine heaven. (Doesn’t everyone want to be #1… so they can make a lot of money and and then nap on the beach while still making money?)

The purpose of each line of copy is to get you to read the next line… and the next line. This site does that, it also gives you a few surprises so it is NOT a liner experience. Always hammering home how, what, where and why the software works to accomplish this and what it will mean to your bottom line.

I would’ve perhaps wanted to know more about the creator of the product—how he cracked the code and how he came up with SEO Elite, but overall it’s an impressive execution.

And yes, it may sound too good to be true; but you have 60 days to test drive this product so there’s a strong risk reversal. I think I might even buy this product myself.


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