12 Tips for Using Video and Examples to Watch

TweetChat Yields a Screenful of Video Tips

It’s revealing no secrets to say that video has become a huge tool for engaging and selling on the Internet. How many of us start and end each day looking at various posted videos? Yet how many of us use video to help engage and market on our company’s websites? Clearly not enough.

Video was the subject of SIPA’s lively, weekly Wednesday TweetChat yesterday. Many thanks to Lindsay Konzak and Jenel Stelton-Holtmeier of MDM News/Gale Media for their extensive participation. Check out one of their very engaging videos here. Also participating was Eleanor Meredith of Irving Levin Associates; see one of their excellent interview videos here. And another participant was Lucy Swedberg of Wellesley Information Services. Watch their well-done video of a story on toy manufacturer Hasbro.

Here are 12 tips from the TweetChat for using video in your business lives:

1. Question: Do you use lo-fi or hi-fi video (iPhone or high-end video) or both? Answer from Stelton-Holtmeier: “We actually do both. For our unique landing pages for each feature – direct upload; for most blogs – YouTube.

2. “Something to keep in mind in camera selection is actually the mic; consider getting a separate one,” tweeted Stelton-Holtmeier. “Also, for the unique pages, we like the lack of outside branding direct upload offers.”

3. It’s important to tag your videos, using relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions when you upload them. It also helps exposure to upload all videos to your YouTube channel.

4. “SEO/traffic to your site also generates more content with written summaries,” wrote Konzak.

5. Sites that use video well: www.ckone.com/www.johngalliano.com/main.asp;www.toyota.com/vehicles/minisite/avalon/.

6. And here’s a site that publishes to all video channels (paid): www.tubemogul.com/. A good resource for video: SIPA member comHaus.

7. Sony Vegas is intuitive and much simpler and cheaper than Camtasia for simple video projects. But Camtasia is great for screen capture.

8. From Stelton-Holtmeier: “For editing audio (when creating video from ppt presentations), I’ve found Audacity to be very useful.” Also: “Mostly we produce in standard output. HD can take a long time to load.”

9. From MDM News/Gale Media: Here’s the main landing page for our monthly executive briefing: www.mdm.com/executivebriefing And the landing page we added for iPad users: www.mdm.com/ext/html/executivebriefing-ipad.html

10. Export your presentation as photos and put it in Final Cut Pro, then add sound and voiceovers—you can also add bits of video and photos. Has a really professional output. Could also use iMovie.

11. “We’re building an MDM Digital landing page merging all our videos.” – Konzak

12. The 2011 Windows Version of PPT allows voiceovers and export to QuickTime .mov format—but this is not available in Mac.


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