‘Miami’ Speakers Offer Innovative Ideas

Value of Marketing Conference Reflected in Speakers

Today is the early-bird deadline for registration for SIPA’s 28th Annual Marketing Conference in Miami Beach, Dec. 7-9. The way I like to give value is to list key tips previously issued by the speakers, and then present the sessions they will be leading in Miami.

1. On yesterday’s Twitter Chat, Mike May of Real Magnet addressed concerns on the subject he knows best: email marketing. “We should put as much energy into growing and tending our email program as we do utilizing it for our business needs,” he wrote. “If the ‘best’ day to email is Thursday, it’s likely the most cluttered. Try Sunday, see what happens… Best practices aim for the middle of the bell curve. Sometimes you want better than that. So innovate.” (Email Marketing, Thursday, Dec. 8, 9:25 a.m.)

2. Wendy Montes de Oca of Precision Marketing & Media will be leading a roundtable on social media. In her book, Content Is Cash: Leveraging Great Content and the Web for Increased Traffic, Sales, Leads and Buzz, she wrote about leveraging LinkedIn: “You can write and upload useful articles and start discussions regarding information that benefits your fellow members. If your goal is to improve your website’s presence, being actively involved in LinkedIn is critical. If you spend a little time each day or reserve one day a week for group participation, your name and brand will be prominent within the site. (Social Media Shockers & Secrets, Roundtable session, Thursday, Dec. 8, 4 p.m.)

3. Tom Lynch of Astek Consulting will be leading a roundtable on Institutionalizing SEO Copywriting Best Practices. Lynch is a guru on this subject. In a previous life, he was part of the Second City Conservatory, and had this to say about how that experience helps him now. “One of the things that the Second City’s Improv training program taught me was to be in the moment; additionally—”Yes/And.” Yes/And = Agree and heighten. To make Improv work, you have to agree with your scene partner and heighten that initiation with something that supports it, and adds to it. It has been great for me personally and professionally… The next person you meet with try agreeing with them and heightening the idea just to see where it goes.” (Institutionalizing SEO Copywriting Best Practices, Roundtable session, Thursday, Dec. 8, 4 p.m.)

4. Robert Lerose knows renewals. His copywriting has led to a lot of them. “Put your best offer in the first effort and emphasize that it won’t get better down the road,” he says. “Subscribers are smart. Because they know they’ll get many chances to renew, they often hold out until the end in the hope of receiving an even greater deal. By sweetening the pot in a later effort, you reward them for procrastinating. Also, it costs you more money to mail each additional effort and it’s unfair to early renewers…And stress the new,” he adds. “In addition to reselling the original benefits, highlight any new, improved or updated features to demonstrate the indispensability of your publication in changing times.” (Renewals and Retention: Making the Most From What You’ve Got, Thursday, Dec. 8, 10:55 a.m.)

5. Talk about a powerhouse session. Brian Crotty of OPIS, David Foster of BVR and Dan Oswald of Fortis—all people in charge of their companies—will give their thoughts on getting back to double-digit growth. “Packaging is very important [now],” Crotty says. “Readers have become users—they need to access their content in formats that allow them to use it when and where they need to. So content is still king and always will be, but a second-tier content provider with useable data in multiple platforms with easy-to-use formats has a much better chance of being competitive in today’s world.” (How Do We Get Back to Double Digit Growth, Friday, Dec, 9, 10:15 a.m.)


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In addition to the speakers mentioned above, others include:
Larry Nusbaum, CEO of Ronco, Jennifer Schwartz of Access Intelligence,
Jeremy Phillips of The Motley Fool, author and copywriter Bob Bly,
Rob Stuart of CFO Publishing, RD Whitney of Greenhaven Partners,
Rob Ransom of Bongarde Media and Kerry Smith of Red 7 Media.
It really is a value-packed couple days.
Eden Roc Hotel, Dec. 7-9 in Miami Beach
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