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Roundtable Sessions Inform and Personalize

At last year’s SIPA 2010 Conference, I sat in on a small publishers roundtable the first morning, an editorial roundtable the next morning and a microsite roundtable later that second day. Looking back now, I got so much out of those sessions; not only because the exchange of information was so abundant and timely, but I developed contacts that helped me all year. The essence of a roundtable session is not only are you hearing valued information, but you’re looking each person in the eyes and getting to know him or her a bit.

The more than 30 roundtables set to take place at SIPA 2011—amazingly now less than six weeks away—look like they will be equally effective and timely, if not moreso. Topics include: Write a Book for Personal Branding and Company Marketing, Renewals, Google Pay-Per-click (PPC), Webinar Basics, From Print to Digital: Which is the Right Way?, Planning Your Mobile Strategy, Copy Review Techniques and Using Sales and Metrics to Improve ROI. Here are a few other roundtables, and tips from articles or webinars that show why they are so timely:

Roundtable topic: Online Video Journalism
Kate Matsudaira recently wrote about this in her blogpost titled Creating an Online Video Strategy on the website SEOmoz. She gave these tips for optimizing your video marketing:
1. Showcase your brand in the video;
2. Use descriptive filenames;
3. Add a call to action at the end of the video;
4. Make your audio clear;
5. Think about the duration of your content;
6. Add text titles, textual graphics, and other text in your videos;
7. Create interesting content.

Roundtable topic: SEO Roundtable
On the site Social Media Today, James Beswick listed 10 reasons why your SEO may not be working:
1. Your keywords are wrong;
2. Your website is SEO-unfriendly;
3. There’s little or no content;
4. You have duplicate content;
5. You may be over-optimizing your pages;
6. Nobody links to you;
7. You’re not promoting your site;
8. You’re being unrealistic;
9. You’re a spammer;
10. You paid $99 to get a guaranteed #1 Google listing.

Roundtable topic: Legal Risks for Online Publishers – Ask a Lawyer
Be sure to sign up for SIPA’s FREE member webinar on May 19: Managing Your Company’s Social Media Exposures and Insurance Coverage Issues.

Roundtable topic: Managing Outsourced Employees/Freelancers
From the article, Social Media Outsourcing: Don’t Turn Your Life into a Frasier Episode on the site Useful Arts: The Future of Digital Marketing: [Speaking about Twitter] “Is it okay when someone tweets on another’s behalf? It may, when it comes out that @RealHughJackman is making factual errors in their tweets as a.) the real Hugh Jackman hired that job out and b.) the tweeter isn’t in the same city that he’s writing about ‘really enjoying.’ Once the truth is out, social media outsourcing can look pretty silly.”

Roundtable topic: Expanding Your Business to Asia
On SIPA member Cabot’s website, check out this interview with Paul Goodwin on why it’s wise to invest in China. “…long-term investors shouldn’t panic. Although China’s autocratic government and companies can stifle innovation and competitive forces, I think the government will be able to steer a path that avoids both hyperinflation and a recession. In fact, the Chinese stock market is up about 3.5% so far this year despite additional pressures, such as soaring oil prices and much higher wheat prices due to a severe winter drought in China’s Northern Plains…”

The roundtables alone will make coming to SIPA 2011 worth the price of admission.  Yet there is so much more!  Sign up today while early-bird prices are still in effect.

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