Videos Amp Up SIPA Member Websites

Videos Make Presence Felt on SIPA Member Sites

Two weeks ago we gave you Part 1 of our Video Review about what equipment to buy, rules for creating video and rules for promoting them. So today, let’s look at the Websites of 10 SIPA members making good use of video. (Special thanks to Ed Coburn for suggesting this. Please feel more than free to email me any time with suggestions for articles.)

1. The MLP Profits Website, part of Investing Daily, features a welcome video from co-editor Roger Conrad. It’s short but informative and straightforward.

2. On the Modern Distribution Management site, Adam J. Fein conducts a video Q&A on the 2010 Wholesale Distribution Economic Reports. It’s a very easy-to-use information tool and advertising vehicle for the 18 reports that you can buy from MDM.

3. Bob Coleman from Coleman Publishing uses videos on his site to show television appearances that he makes as a loan expert. Here’s one from Fox News during the summer. You can tell that he has to be ready for almost anything on these, and he is. Coleman makes it look easy, but this is a skill that goes beyond just being an expert on your subject.

4. In London, Melcrum uses a video to explain and promote its highly regarded International Communication Black Belt Program: Setting the Global Standard for Internal Communication. This video is slickly done and features interviews with the head of the program, a couple trainers and a few participants. Catchy music splashes in the background, and you really get a sense of what this program is about.

5. Cabot offers independent investment advice through a newsletter and several products. Paul Goodwin shows up front and center on the Website to host the “Cabot Weekly Video Review.” Graphs flash on the screen with a pointer tool, and Goodwin offers his “fun stock of the day”—this one is from China and seems to have something to do with a distillery.

6. Log on to Incisive Media and get ready to be wowed a bit. A stylishly produced promo video puts you in a pretty decisive mood to want to get something done—or at least do a bit of a dance at your desk. My office seemed too quiet after the video finished so I played it again.

7. Kiplinger features “Today’s Video” on the front page of their Website. Get Out of Debt NOW, today’s calls out. Kip Tips comes on followed by a very pleasant woman offering excellent tips about getting out of debt. It’s 1:40 long, which feels just about right, and it looks like you can easily go to the archives to see what you’ve missed. I believe I’ve found a new place to “stop” every morning.

8. I’ve mentioned these before, but I really like the video interviews that Steve Monroe conducts on the Irving Levin Associates site. His most recent one is with Scott Stewart, founder and managing Partner, Carlyle Seniors Housing, LLC. The transcript is attached—an excellent idea—and Monroe is quite at home as an interviewer.

9. At Asset Recovery, they offer Video on Demand from “the best panels from our 2010 International Asset Recovery Conference.” “The top asset recovery experts in the world are only a click away,” says the promo copy. That sure beats the six degrees of separation thing; I’ll take one every time.

10. For the last one, we go to the always-reliable Motley Fool. They also have an entertaining new video every day called the 11 O’Clock Stock. But there’s a bit more madness to the method here. Okay, not madness, but a pretty young host interviewing one of the Fool’s pro analysts as a guest and a stuffed cow even making a guest appearance. Today’s company tip is, “The eBay of the Freeway.” Maybe we can get behind-the-scenes one day and let you know how they do this.

I would love to hear from you about your videos or others that you know about in the SIPA community, so more of these columns can appear—and, in turn, more videos get produced. Send me an email or fill out the comments attached to this article on the SIPA Website.


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