Mequoda Weekly: December 31st, 2012 – January 4th, 2013

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My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012. Keep Reading

Is Your Email Retention Rate Too Low?

No matter how well you’re doing, you can always do better. So is your retention rate too low? Yes! If it’s not 100% (it never is) then your email retention rate could improve.

To determine your email retention rate, use this formula:

(# of subscribers – bounces – unsubscribes)/# of subscribers

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Disavowing Bad Links: The Good, the Bad & the Useless

Do you remember when JCPenny found out the hard way that it’s a really bad idea to hire an SEO company who buys backlinks to boost rankings? Do you think that JCPenny believes it was worth getting banned from Google indefinitely for the quick boost in traffic they got? Probably not.

Google hates cheating, and that includes link farms. A link farm is any site that’s meant to create inbound links for your site, even if it includes writing full-length articles to do it. In fact, that’s the most popular strategy behind link farms, and why Google signaled the popular and well-ranked EzineArticles as a link farm not too long ago. Lots of publishers used EZineArticles back in the day to write articles that drove traffic back to their sites, and thankfully sites like these are working hard to clean up their rep for everyone’s sake. Keep Reading

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