Mequoda Weekly: February 11th, 2013 – February 15th, 2013

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9 Membership Website Mistakes

All the sudden in 2013 I found myself hip-deep in subscription and membership websites.

Perhaps it’s the tablet market evolving, the publishing market maturing, the continuing problems of advertising models or the renewed interest in the renewable revenue of continuity websites.

The nine errors below are serious. If you transgress one, it’s enough to put your project on the ground before you get in the air. The list of deadly membership website mistakes and the nine types of subscription websites both deserve a review. Keep Reading


Email Marketing Templates that Are Something to Write Home About

With email being one of the most effective ways of marketing our products, it’s always a good time to review Best Practice email marketing templates. And while I admit this kind of cut-and-dried work isn’t as much fun for us writers, it’s still necessary to good marketing!

So contain your impatience and read on. (There is one tidbit of actual writing advice tucked away below!)

There are three main types of email marketing templates: single-topic newsletters, multi-topic email newsletters, and strictly promotion emails. Here at Mequoda, we send out five newsletters per week – four single-topic newsletters plus a multi-topic week in review – plus two promotional emails that we call “spotlights.” Keep Reading


12 Popular Actions in Email Newsletter Usability

Marketers can get carried away with email. Some will hide the unsubscribe link with tiny text. Others will use more calls to action than a drill sergeant. These marketers forget that people, not cash machines, are reading the email, and they should be treated well.

Part of respecting your audience is designing an email newsletter that’s usable. This means it should read well, link to a webpage of the article, and yes, even allow readers to unsubscribe easily. Keep Reading


Boosting SEO by Getting Inbound Links from .Gov

Every publisher has a love/hate relationship with backlinks. We love when they’re high-quality and make us look good, and we hate when they’re bad and make us look spammy. For the most part though, backlinks of all shapes and forms at least provide a smidgen of proof to Google that we’re worth reading.

Additionally, every SEO knows that backlinks from .edu and .gov are special. Google holds education and government domains in high regard, and if this was a skee-ball game, they would be the 100-point holes in the top corners. Keep Reading


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