Mequoda Weekly: January 21st, 2013 – January 25th, 2013

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Using Content to Drive your Audience Development Plan

The number of steps required to create an effective audience development plan often confuses people new to organic content marketing. One of my favorite tricks is to use the acronym ARM to help people remember that there are three distinct elements or parts in a content driven audience development plan. A is for attract; R is for retain, and M is always for monetize. Keep Reading


Make your Email Subject Lines Multitask!

I’m sick and tired of lazy subject line slackers!

Mequoda has been writing about the top subject line archetypes for years, and you can find out more about those in our free downloadable white paper, The 17 Best Email Subject Lines. Subject lines that work include:

  • Keyword

  • Urgency

  • Benefit

  • How-to

  • Fascination

  • List

  • Intriguing Promise

  • Teaser

  • Question

  • News

  • Testimonial

  • Targeted

  • Seasonal

  • Issue-Based

  • Command

  • Reason Why

  • Hybrid

All but one of these subject line archetypes put only one characteristic to work for you. I think we should demand more from our subject lines! So today I’m going to write some subject lines that really work by combining two of our archetypes in one subject line – the last archetype on the list, the hybrid.

No more layabout subject lines for me! Keep Reading


5 New Features in a WC Email Management System We Love

A Mequoda System is built as a package to be SEO optimized and full of content. It’s built to withstand a ton of traffic every month, accept payments and easily distribute content through social media and email marketing. To do this we have ongoing relationships with companies like PayPal (payment processing) and WhatCounts (email delivery) and custom API’s built to move everything around seamlessly. While the system is based in WordPress, once complete it’s a complete content management and e-commerce system.

The email management system we love and use with our clients is WhatCounts. We originally chose them as our flagship email service provider not only because of their outstanding customer service and flexibility, but also because they’re constantly innovating. We spent a lot of time researching email service providers and they came out on top for the needs of our publishing clients.

This post may sound semi-promotional because it discusses the newest features we love in WhatCounts, but even if you aren’t a client of ours, or theirs, we hope these features will pump you up as much as they do for us. And if you are a client of ours, then I hope you’ll challenge us to get started testing all these new features on your site, if we aren’t already! Keep Reading


How to Be a Better Keyword Density Checker

Our SEO process has several layers that starts with keyword research and ends with article marketing and an accompanying white paper. Somewhere in the middle of this process we take what we see as a great keyword and drop it into the article or landing page that we’re writing.

Typically when we’re writing a 500 word article, the keyword or keyword phrase is included in the:

  • Title

  • Subhead

  • Body of the article

Keep Reading


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