Mequoda Weekly: March 11th, 2013 – March 15th, 2013

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Digital Magazine Publishing Software

There’s been a tremendous amount of speculation on what the perfect digital magazine might be and where the future of digital publishing is headed.

While others pontificate, we have projects brewing. The focus is not to produce a digital magazine itself, but to produce the digital magazine subscription website where the digital magazine should ultimately be housed. It will be the nexus between client and server relationships.

The subscription website is important because people who own tablet devices are spending more time browsing. The World Wide Web is still the ultimate app as it offers so much content.

When it comes to the digital future, some publishers focus on the digital magazine and some focus on the digital magazine software that powers the magazine; we focus deeply on the subscription website.

In each case, every publisher has different desires of how a digital magazine should function. I’ve laid out several possibilities because at the end of day, I don’t know how it will play out in the long term. Keep Reading


Persuasive Online Copywriting: Which Headlines Work Best?

Which of the following headlines do you think will perform better?

A. The 19 headline archetypes that every copywriter must know

B. Why formerly dependable copywriting techniques may be inadequate for 2013

C. When copywriters feel blocked, this is what they do

D. How I raised myself from mediocrity to success as an online copywriter

E. The new science of persuasion in a short-attention-span world

F. If website copywriters had their own bubble gum trading cards, his would be worth collecting

Okay, the truth is, we haven’t tested any of these headlines yet. If you’re a copywriter, you’ve probably guessed why. We’re still kicking around ideas. But all of these are awesome headlines: They arouse curiosity, convey a promise of powerful information and do it all quickly. (Though if I were the editor, I’d kill F — too long! It would work as a subhead in sales letter copy, but not as a headline.)

Does all this sound like a lot to do in just a few words? Well, of course! Persuasive online copywriting is hard work.

Or as sportswriter Red Smith once famously said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and just open a vein.”

I began my career 32 years ago as a journalist. I didn’t know it then, of course, but that training would turn out to be a blessing in the 1990s as I switched to marketing, the Internet came along, and persuasive online copywriting was suddenly the new skill writers had to have. As a journalist, you’re trained to write compelling headlines, “write tight” – get to the point quickly – and never, ever bury the lead.

These golden rules serve me well when I try to create persuasive online copywriting: Web surfers have even shorter attention spans than newspaper readers!

In 2013, there’s a whole new science of email copywriting and SEO copywriting for blog posts, text ads and online sales letters. Headlines are more important than ever, and now they serve more than one purpose. Keep Reading


A Simple Website Architecture Template for Great SEO

People concern themselves with the external factors (link-building, social media, etc.) of SEO, but those are nothing without website architecture that’s built to pass link juice through the website’s pipeline. Did you know that there are ways to build a website for great SEO that go beyond inbound links and even the words on your website?

A properly optimized site has a chain of command that would look very similar to your business model if you put them side by side.

You give away free content through articles, get them on your email list by offering free white papers, send them emails that promote paid products, and if your pyramid is even larger, you take those buyers and convert them into in-person event attendees.

The SEO funnel has the same goals, but the way it occurs has a few extra pipes—do you remember you or your kids playing with a Marble Mania set? It’s a little like that.

When we build our client sites, there’s a series of pipes and tunnels between every single page that makes our landing pages more valuable and more optimized every time we post a new article. Keep Reading


Turn Editors into Expert Keyword Analyzers

“Oh great, one more thing to do,” thinks every editor you’ve ever approached about search engine optimization.

Because of this common adverse reaction, it’s important to emphasize the longevity of articles when they’ve been search optimized.

For example, have they ever written an article they were so proud of that their heart sank when nobody retweeted it on Twitter, or shared it on Facebook?

Sometimes it’s just about timing. Maybe it was posted during the holidays, or a Friday afternoon. The thing about SEO-optimized blog posts is that time doesn’t exist. Keep Reading


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