Week In Review: August 2nd, 2010 – August 6th, 2010

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August 2nd, 2010

Tablets for Publishers: The iPad’s Flipboard Creates Personal, Digital Newspapers

An app publishers can utilize

Tablets are predicted to be more popular than desktop computers and netbooks by the year 2015. That’s to say that more people will be buying tablets instead of new laptop computers. And after seeing the iPad, one can understand why.

Anyone who has used a tablet thus far can attest to the possibility of being swayed to the direction of an iPad, or possibly one of the competitors when a notable one is released. iPads are smaller and lighter yet still allow for maximum usability by letting users surf the web and view all their favorite multi-media pieces while controlling the device with the touch of their finger, much like its cousin the iPhone. Read more…


SIPA Member Profile: Lyons Opens Books and New Windows

Lucretia Lyons, President, Business Valuation Resources, LLC (Portland, Ore.)

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?

Lyons: By some stroke of good fortune, I landed in publishing and marketing early on in my career. My first job was as marketing coordinator for University Press of America (UPA), a small academic publisher outside of Washington, D.C. Before I even knew what direct marketing really was, I was writing one-page flyers and renting lists for monographs on pretty obscure topics written mainly by professors needing to fulfill publication requirements. I clearly remember the courier typeface, the paper jams in the copier and the wrestling matches with the folding machine when getting the campaigns out the door. Every author believed that his or her book deserved worldwide attention, and it was as I learned the art of niche marketing and targeted response that I began to feel signs of love for specialized publishing. And I certainly didn’t have any idea what that really was, either, at the time! Read more…

While some print publishers are closing their titles, others are growing print circulation and selling all manner of print and digital products…on the Internet…with solid profit margins. Discover how to thrive and prosper in the new publishing environment at the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010.

August 3rd, 2010

Jewelry Making Daily Publishing Case Study: Interweave Launches Another Online Community with its Proven Content Marketing Strategy

A Google keyword visibility strategy and valuable, highly targeted content are fundamental to this experienced online publishing enterprise

If you have ever doubted the value of keyword research and search engine optimization, consider the enviable success of Interweave, a unit of Aspire Media. It’s one of the nation’s largest and most respected arts and crafts media companies, with businesses in magazine and book publishing, online media, television and video programming, directories and events.

Interweave’s  extensive Internet network of more than 30 websites and eight online communities, which includes some of the most popular art- and craft-enthusiast destinations on the web, recently added a community for anyone interested in creating handmade jewelry. Read more…


Sunny Things Happen on the Way to the Forums

Price Points, Loyalists and Renewals: SIPA Online Forum Leads by Examples

“How are publishers REALLY helping long-time subscribers who genuinely have no budget?”

This was a question posted a couple months ago to the SIPA Online Marketing Forum, one of seven forums that SIPA members can access through the Website. The others are Editorial, Information Technology (IT), Conferences, Fulfillment/Operations, Electronic Publishing and Large Publishers.

These forums provide incredible benefits for SIPA members. That above message was posted at 12:23 p.m. on a Monday afternoon—along with this example: Read more…

Digital readers, apps and tablets will play a major part in digital publishing for years to come. Learn how successful publishers are already using these technologies to satisfy their audience’s desire for multi-platform content. Register for the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010 now.

August 4th, 2010

It’s Hard for Consumers to Argue with Content Marketing

Just ask Ford, as they recently posted another profitable quarter, and the concept of content marketing is being utilized in their marketing mix

Do you remember when the auto industry was in serious trouble? Can’t really say the landscape has changed fully, but one thing that is true, is that Ford has recently posted a second-quarter profit.

Since the economy is still looking quite dismal, it’s hard to attribute the added sales for the American automotive giant to more people spending more money.

Digging deeper into the topic, it seems that the marketing strategies behind the company have evolved for the better. It isn’t just about uninspired television commercials anymore, but the ability to reach their audience on a personal level. Read more…


Lessons Learned Lead to Dollars Saved

Not-So-Great Ideas Lead to Some Pretty Great Solutions

Setting up too many promo codes, over-complicating audio conferences and still printing things you shouldn’t. 50 Dumb Things Publishers Stopped Doing and So Should You proved to be one of SIPA 2010’s most popular sessions. We don’t want to give away everything in this space—and we have our own catchy title to adhere to—so let’s shoot for 10.

Denise Elliott and Greg Krehbiel, both from The Kiplinger Washington Editors, led this session and will also be speaking at the Marketing Conference in Miami, Nov. 10-12—Elliott leading the Marketing Directors Roundtable on the first afternoon and Krehbiel leading a session called Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know About IT. (That’s pronounced “Eye” “Tee”—though “it” in all caps works as well to build excitement.) Read more…

The Mequoda Summit Boston 2010 will include information on all aspects of content marketing, from utilizing apps and new technology like mobile devices and tablets, to ways of leveraging content and growing your readership. Register now so you can experience 4 powerful keynote presentations, 17 panelists throughout 14 sessions and dozens of informative case studies.

August 5th, 2010

Website Design Review of Golf Vacation Insider

GolfVacationInsider.com scores well, but adding video and encouraging user-generated content could bring it to the next level

We put Golf Vacation Insider to the  Mequoda Website Design Review Scorecard test. This popular website is aimed at those who go on golf vacations or who are interested in places to play golf. In addition to the site, GolfVacationInsider.com publishes a free email newsletter and books on golf travel. Managing Editor and golf travel veteran Craig Better works closely with the editors of Golf Odyssey, a monthly paid newsletter and website, to provide free, concise insider travel tips to subscribers at least three times a week. Read more…


Bezos Philosophy Blooms on ‘Rose’

Build It Well and They Will Come, Says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

The Internet is a word-of-mouth accelerator. If you build a great product or service, people will talk about it.

-Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com

In a week when PBS’s Charlie Rose Show had such entertaining guests as actors Steve Carell and Paul Rudd and baseball writer Roger Angell, a little serious banter sounded good last night in the form of Jeff Bezos. Read more…


August 6th, 2010

Would You Like a Taste of the Mequoda Summit?

Our new Digital Media Podcast provides an example of the Mequoda Summit experience

Download our Mequoda Summit Digital Media Podcast: A Dozen Minutes from the Mequoda Summit 2006 now

It’s the time of year again to prepare for our upcoming Mequoda Summit Boston 2010. For the second Summit of 2010, we have pulled out all the stops to create an unprecedented experience for our attendees.

We’ve brought together four influential members of the publishing and online content industry to share their insightful stories of success. These keynote speakers will be offering case studies and first-hand advice. It’s easy for anyone familiar with the online publishing industry to recognize names like Men’s Health and Zinio, and having top employees of those companies makes it even more worthwhile. Furthermore, the keynotes on Building Online Partnership and Using the A-Method to Hire Successfully are a necessity to anyone owning or operating an online publication or content marketing system. Read more…


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