Week in Review: December 10th, 2012 – December 14th, 2012

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Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2013

While many organizations have discovered the power of digital content marketing to sell products and services, perhaps no organizations are being impacted like the publishers of books, magazines, newsletters and videos.

Publishers, like most marketers, have traditionally used marketing copy and paid media to sell their books, magazines, newsletters, videos and other premium information products. It should come as no surprise that digital content marketing is having a profound impact on the publishing industry. For publishers, content marketing has a double meaning. Publishers would tell you they’ve always been content marketers or marketers of content. Today, content marketing has taken on the additional meaning of using content to sell products and services of all types. Savvy publishers have been quick to figure out that, as producers of premium content, they have a ready source of free content to use for content marketing. Read more…

SEO Copywriting Tips for Writing Blog Posts

SEO copywriting is a unique creature, pairing creative content with technical guidelines. To be successful at the craft, one must strike a chord with the audience members by appealing to their emotions, self interests and mind set, following keyword phrase parameters that have been created by Google.

SEO copywriting is the ultimate mental workout. It combines the objective focus of the brain’s left hemisphere with the subjective focus of the brain’s right hemisphere; the creativity of stringing words together meets the analytical design of adding specific keywords and following other previously determined SEO “rules.” Read more…

Is Business Failure an Option?

Publishing is at a crossroads. Are you ready?

No one is in business to fail. But with demand for digital content off the charts, no one can afford to put off making the transition to online publishing. Why, in just a few weeks, Newsweek will publish its last print edition ever. Are you ready to make Internet publishing your main – or only – revenue source?

If you or anyone in your organization needs to catch up to online publishing … if you have new team members or want to promote staff to online publishing positions … if you have the slightest doubt about your organization’s readiness to tackle the digital world, the Mequoda Internet Marketing Intensive is mandatory. Read more…

The Art of Tightly Focused Email Newsletter Templates

We’ve discovered that the best performing email newsletters — those with the highest value, as measured by producing the highest revenue per thousand — reflect a total alignment between the subject line, headline, subhead, body copy, embedded text ads, display ads, and the featured product.

This is true whether the newsletter is sponsored by an advertiser who buys your leader board, or whether the newsletter promotes your own products. Most Mequoda System Publishers use their free email newsletters to promote their own paid products. Read more…

Discover your F.U.Q.s Using Internal Site Search Data

No, I didn’t just swear at you, F.U.Q. stands for “Frequently Unasked Questions.”

Your F.U.Q.s are the questions that someone may never ask you. A question we get asked a lot in person is “What does Mequoda stand for?” Well folks, it’s a shortened version of Media Quote Daily, the original name of our company. Most people are disappointed that it’s not something more groovy, like a Native American tribe. Read more…

If you have only a nominal understanding of digital publishing, or none at all, you must attend the Internet Marketing Intensive.


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