Week in Review: January 16th, 2012 – January 20th, 2012

The Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp is this coming week in New York City. Reserve your seat today before you miss the opportunity.


Featured Articles

100 New Digital Magazines per Week

PR Newswire Unlocks Five Social Media To-Do’s for PR in 2012

5 Tips for Using Video in Email

9 Elements of a Customer Experience Management System


Discover how to start and run a successful content marketing system featuring a subscription website, online store, email newsletter and open content portal at the Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp in New York City on Tuesday, January 24th.


This Week’s Blog Posts from Mequoda Writers

Transitioning to Digital Magazines

Bringing Your Digital Magazine Goals to Fruition

5 Tools for Spreading Digital Magazine Content

Staying Productive With Clippings

How Automation Affects Your Social Media Campaigns

Creating Engagement and Sharing Your Content

Choosing Your Video Camera for Content Marketers

Discover Tips for Email Campaigns Using Videos

Learn About Customer Experience Management Components at Bootcamp

WoodWing Brings Innovation to an Evolutionary Industry

Opportunities for Digital Publishing Success


Join us for the Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp and discover why media brands like Farm Progress, BLR, Meredith and Interweave attend our events to learn the best practices for online publishing in the digital age.


This Week’s SIPAlert Daily Posts

SIPAwards Reflects New Profile for 2012!

Businesses Take Advantage of Being Small

Impulsivity and Introverts May Bring Great Deal to Table

On SOPA, Small Meetings and Small Businesses


The Digital Content Marketing Bootcamp is a one-day intensive exclusively for online publishing professional that details a proven approach to digital publishing innovation through SEO, SMO and link building as primary traffic drivers. Register now.



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