Week In Review: July 6th, 2010 – July 9th, 2010

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July 6th, 2010

Capitol Information Group Embraces Content-Driven Search and Internet Marketing Strategy

InvestingDaily.com launched with an experienced publishing team and an internet marketing strategy comprised of legacy content from KCIInvesting.com

KCI Investing, a Division of Capitol Information Group, describes itself as providing “in-depth investment advice to help smart people achieve a secure and rewarding financial future.”

Indeed, it’s smart people helping smart people. Read more…

Building Community Spirit Has Its Rewards

Whether on ‘Front Porch’ or in Your Own Backyard, Communities Are Rising Up

Micro-communities have received a lot of publicity lately.

Here is Robin Crumby, group managing director of Melcrum Publishing Ltd., describing micro-communities in an article in the June Hotline: “The creation of micro-communities is being widely heralded as a robust model for specialized information publishers. For a business like mine, Melcrum, this means creating small groups of like-minded customers who come together to benchmark, discuss their challenges and hear the latest research and trends. We use our established networks and in-depth industry knowledge to facilitate a conversation between peers that is highly valued by the customer.” Read more…


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July 7th, 2010

Online PR – A Way of Gaining Visibility

Three tips to help along the way

Online PR can be looked at as a component to SEO campaigns. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about building visibility by ranking in search engines. It isn’t about spending a ton of money to place ads in Google, rather it’s about creating keyword-rich content and getting that content to be found and ranked by Google bots.

As online PR is a popular topic of ours lately, I wanted to take some time today to discuss how online PR is truly a type of SEO campaigns. It is certainly not the only one, but it is one worth discussing. Read more…

Sites to Behold – and Bring in Customers

SIPA’s new report gives all the latest on subscription websites that sell

Here are snippets from the much-anticipated, just-released, 53-page SIPA Management Report titled Building Subscription Websites That Sell: A Marketing Perspective. The report features six archetypes—newsletters, magazines, reference, application, membership and periodical—numerous case studies, an evaluation device and a conclusion. It can be found on the Members Only section of the SIPA Website.

In the newsletter section:
While the credit-card upfront strategy obviously brings fewer people into the free-trial funnel, those that do accept have qualified themselves and are not simply “a bunch of tire kickers.” Publishers that implement a free trial without requiring a credit card get more people into the funnel, but the conversion rate is a lot lower. That may be fine if the content is “nice to know” rather than “must have” information.
Read more…


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July 8th, 2010

Website Design Review of Dark Daily

Increase links and promote your content throughout your website and search engines

See how Dark Daily holds up to the Mequoda Website Design Review Scorecard

This week we used the Mequoda Website Design Review Scorecard to review Dark Daily.  Dark Daily is a news/e-briefing site whose audience includes clinical laboratories and pathology labs. Its is part of a family of sites from The Dark Intelligence Group, which also includes The Dark Report, a paid publication focusing on news reports and the latest facts and trends that affect medical laboratories of all kinds. The Editor-in-Chief is Robert Michel. Read more…

The Value of Keeping in Touch – Literally

‘Touches’ of class may lead to new sales and keeping an old habit or two

Pulitzer Prize winner Kathleen Parker wrote a fascinating column yesterday about a newly released study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The study reported that “dimensions of touch—that of weight, texture and hardness—can unconsciously influence judgments and decisions about unrelated events, situations and objects.”

“What we touch unconsciously influences how we think,” said Joshua Ackerman, an assistant professor of marketing at MIT and the lead person on the study. “In situations where evaluations and decisions really matter, we need to pay attention to our physical surroundings and, in particular, how we engage these surroundings through our sense of touch.” Read more…

July 9th, 2010

Last Chance to Learn how to Execute an Online PR Campaign

Our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps will be taking place on July 13th

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As online communities continue to expand and evolve, online PR is further developing into a resource that can mean more visibility for a company. And we all know what more visibility can mean for a company; more email subscribers, customers and brand loyalty.

Are you targeting your communities and sharing newsworthy information with them? If not, you should be. Online PR doesn’t have to be time consuming, although it can be if that’s your goal. Our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps webinar will discuss different methods you can use, depending on your free time and monetary budget. Read more…


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