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About the Instructors

About Don Nicholas, Founder, Chairman & CEO

speak-donDon supervises the planning, development and optimization of all Mequoda Multiplatform Media Management Systems and serves as chief planning architect for Mequoda’s Haven CXMS System. Don also serves as executive coach for Mequoda’s Service Teams and the high-octane management and marketing teams at our Gold Member Client organizations. Over the past two decades, Don and his teams helped transform hundreds of legacy media brands into highly successful multiplatform media brands.

About Kim Mateus, EVP & Planning Services Group Leader

Kim MateusKim focuses on growing the Mequoda client cooperative. She partners with the executive management teams of media businesses to develop strategic multiplatform publishing plans, to oversee implementation of publishing business plans, and to help clients grow revenue, profits, and influence. Kim also works with Mequoda’s Gold Members to plan transformative, larger-scale projects and services for growing their systems and maximizing profits.

About Bill Dugan, SVP & Growth Services Group Leader 


Bill partners with the executive management teams of Mequoda’s client organizations to develop strategic multiplatform publishing plans, to oversee implementation of publishing business plans, and to help clients grow revenue, profits, and influence with Mequoda’s Haven CXMS System. Bill has served as Publisher and Group Publisher for twelve B2B paid-circulation newsletters at Georgetown Publishing House, Briefings Publishing Group, and The Pohly Company. As Director of Marketing for Nutrition Action Healthletter, Bill helped grow that consumer publication into the largest paid-circulation health newsletter in the world.

About Nancy Horan, SVP & Development Services Group Leader

Nancy Nancy has built and deployed more than 30 successful subscription websites for a variety of consumer and business publishers over the past decade. Nancy works with clients in the Mequoda Development Services group to help manage, design, build and deliver best-practice Mequoda Haven CXMS Systems. She is well versed in Mequoda best practices, WordPress, and WhatCounts Email management software.

NorannNorann Oleson, Audience Development Team Leader

Norann is an expert in audience development and analytics for clients with niche brands, including Investing News Network, Prime Publishing, University Health News and Cabot Wealth Network. Norann performs relevant and detailed research, creates actionable reports, analyzes results and helps clients grow audiences, making her a master of data and analytics for dozens of business and consumer publishers. Norann’s Google Analytics Individual Certification is a testament to her skill level with understanding more comparable data than any single-company analyst.

Eileen Shea, Subscription Marketing Team Leader

Eileen is an expert in revenue analytics and direct marketing and has worked with media brands that include Harvard Business Review, the Biblical Archaeology Society, Center for Science in the Public Interest, and New England Network. Eileen has extensive experience in B2B and B2C customer acquisition and retention, budgeting and forecasting, data mining, problem solving, analysis, and strategic campaign development for publishers and subscription and membership marketers.