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Step 1: Planning your Transformation

When you become a Mequoda Gold Member, you begin a transformational journey to multiplatform publishing success with your own Mequoda Multiplatform Media Management System. And it all starts with Mequoda’s experienced planning team working with you to create a detailed, bulletproof five-year business plan – a comprehensive map that takes you successfully into the 21st century.

The Strategic Business Plan we build for you factors in your content, audience, revenue goals, technology needs and even your organizational structure. We project your business over five years, using information we gather from you combined with our proven strategy and in-depth benchmark data spanning hundreds of successful and diverse media brands.

Because we’ve guided the success of both B2B and B2C publishing companies, it leaves very little room for guessing and no need for you to start the process from scratch.

Using the same seven strategies we teach at Mequoda events, we build and plan your successful multiplatform publishing business. Your plan includes the following components, which we refer to as CAROTME:

  • Content Strategy
  • Audience Strategy
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Economic Strategy

During this 60-day engagement, which kicks off with a meeting in Boston between you, your key players and Mequoda’s team leaders, we will:

Inventory your existing content

See your brand’s content assets laid out visually in a brand wheel. This illustrates all the free, sponsored and premium content distribution platforms that the digital channel affords your business. Sitting behind this brand wheel is your custom content publishing schedule to include both free and sponsored content. Your content plan is built and strategized by our content marketing and product development specialists, who integrate the distribution and marketing of all your assets, enabling you to repurpose content across multiple platforms to build and better serve your audience. Understanding that you can step into multiplatform publishing without generating huge new volumes of content removes any lingering concerns you might have about the coming transformation.

Research your audience

Understand your market’s online potential with a full keyword universe custom-built for you that taps into demand for your digital content. How much traffic can you expect to get based on the search volume associated with your domain expertise? What ratio of traffic can you anticipate from SEO, social and referral websites? How much of that traffic can you convert to free subscribers and paid content buyers? You’ll get these answers in the Google Visibility Report and Proxy Metric Model we create for you, showing you how traffic turns into revenue. Our projections give you confidence that your company will succeed, even before you take your first steps on the journey.

Forecast your revenue mix

See how your product and marketing distribution platforms and anticipated audience size translate into revenue. Using data from your content and audience plans, we recommend a sponsorship and/or pricing strategy and then calculate it against the volume metrics in your marketing mix. We’ll strategize a list of potential products and other initiatives you could be doing to generate revenue, and discuss opportunities around sponsorship, marketing channels and our promotional strategy. You’ll walk away with a custom marketing matrix combined with recommended pricing to see revenue growth by marketing source over the next 5 years – leaving no questions about your ability to tackle the road ahead.

Redefine your organization

You don’t have to hire an army of new employees, but you do have to know how to organize the ones you have to effectively execute a Mequoda Multiplatform Media Management System. While many publishers have organized their companies into silos that make execution of a multiplatform business harder and more expensive, we have a leaner, integrated, more cost-efficient model that we’ll fine-tune for your needs. We audit your existing resources and then together determine a recommended organizational structure for maximizing your business’ potential, factoring in the size of your market and the opportunity. In this way, you transform your company in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Select the technology to support your needs

Because Mequoda can build, maintain and optimize the systems required to distribute and market your business, we are able to provide you with a recommended set of modules from among the 19 modules and nearly 100 managers, plus templates, trackers, reports and service gateways, that are part of the Haven CXMS. See your entire system configuration detail laid out in a 30-40 page PDF, along with timelines and budgets for ongoing maintenance and operations. Our is fully integrated and leverages best-in-class technology using a blend of custom-built open source solutions and third party tools. Because Mequoda’s Customer Experience Management System has been designed specifically for niche publishers like you, you get the most efficient, cost-effective technology package, perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Identify and model the key measurements that maximize profitability

We translate the data from the first five components of the business plan into a single financial document that forecasts all the driving assumptions for your business, plus revenues and expenses over a five-year span. You’ll use the interactive model to ask “what if” questions with key variables to help determine where the risks and opportunities reside. Based on our vast experience with niche publishers, the metrics we use to make these forecasts are rock solid, and deliver the assurances you need to move confidently into the future.

Model your entire operation’s economics for the next five years

Without continually-growing earnings, pure-print legacy publishers cannot deliver increasing value to stakeholders, or attract investors, talent or potential acquirers. Get a picture of the value of your business to others in the marketplace in five years, leading to insights about how you should best operate the business, including decisions about resource allocation, audience development, product development and more.

30 days later, you’re on the Path to multiplatform success

Four weeks after our meeting in Boston, we schedule a virtual meeting to present your plan. You walk away with five deliverables: the business plan (ppt), your content plan (xls), your keyword research document (xls), the technology plan (pdf), and your five-year financial model (xls), and you have time to digest it all with your team, provide feedback and allow for modifications.

Together we create your path to digital publishing and marketing success.

Call or email Julie Ottomano (617) 217-2559 to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consult with Mequoda’s founder Don Nicholas.