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Tag: access intelligence

Digital Magazine Publishers Targeting New Audience Expansion

Digital magazine publishers are putting more emphasis on digital audience growth, and doing it through a variety of methods including internal content, acquisitions, and third-party content partners.

Diverse Media Company Acquisitions Lead to Business Expansion

Media company acquisitions from Hearst and BrideClick; Access Intelligence acquires digital advertising and events company

Today’s news focuses on media company acquisitions, including some interesting ones that expand the current business model of the companies involved.

Digital Media Companies Launch New Product and Data Initiatives

In order to succeed in a changing landscape, savvy digital media companies understand the need to evolve
Whether it’s a new subscription website, an updated website, or a new digital product offering, digital media companies are bringing new experiences to audiences with the desire to evolve brands.

Hearst is one digital media company doing this with its

Magazine Publishing Industry March Update: Mergers, Staff Moves, and More

Every month, we check in with Folio:’s sister magazine, min, to monitor big comings, goings, and doings in the magazine publishing industry. This roundup features plenty of executive personnel changes, plus a couple of major purchases and one major redesign.

How to Start Your Own eLearning Program

It May Be Time to Get on the eLearning Curve

According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) 2011 State of the Industry Report, money spent by organizations on learning and development of their employees increased by 13.5% last year. In the U.S. alone, more than $68.5 billion was allocated to external training providers.

Members Reveal Their Most Successful Current Initiative

Eight SIPA members tell what the single-most successful thing their company is doing now

1. More than one portfolio company I’m working with today is having success using the same process: 1) Identify very specific unmet information needs of a very specific audience, horizontal or vertical. 2) Discard any information need which cannot be addressed using scalable technology. 3) Take the surviving concepts and productize them as online solutions using the techniques discussed at every SIPA meeting. I call this process “big data meets B2B.”
—Tim Baskerville, Media Service Group

Thinking ‘Young’ Does Have Its Benefits

The Young and the Rest of Us

As SIPA approaches our 1,000th Linkedin group member this week, we were wondering how to mark the occasion and I came across this from the blog Online Dominance:

“Rewarding is most effective as a retention tool, and not an acquisition tool, Britton says. [That’s Matt Britton, founder and CEO of Millennial generation marketing agency Mr. Youth.] Offering a prize to your 200th follower might get you a few more fans, but they’re only there for the free stuff and not because they’re huge fans of your business. On the other hand, rewarding your existing fans is a great way to bolster their connection to your company.”

Considering ebooks? Keep these things in mind…

Diving into ebooks can be profitable with right moves

A colleague friend and I used to have a running dialogue at the last place we worked, usually after a very long, busy day. “How does ‘our company’ make all its money?” we asked each other. “One word. Volume.” It appears that Canada’s National Post has followed this strategy, diving full-force into the ebooks pool. According to an article on the Nieman Journalism Lab website, Canada’s National Post has published six ebooks since December, in a range of forms. One compiles investment columns from personal finance columnist Jonathan Chevreau; another puts together the Post’s favorite films of 2011; another expanded a web feature exploring Canada’s role in the Afghanistan war; and the most successful ebook was written by “controversial columnist” Christie Blatchford who covered an honor killings trial in Toronto.

Six Creative Ways to Get Your Message Heard

You Can’t Just Rest on Your Good Scents

At our local farmers market, one of the most popular vendors sells sausage. Their “trick” is that they cook up delicious samples for people to try. On Saturday, I was indulging when the vendor shouted something like, “Hey everyone, get your sausage samples here! Just out of the pan!” A woman next to me said to the young man, “Oh, come on, you don’t have to shout anything. These things sell themselves by now.” To which he replied, “No, I definitely do – people respond to that.”

11 Tips from the Marketing Conference

11 Tips from SIPA’s Recent Marketing Conference

Check out these 11 tips from the Marketing Conference compiled by Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger Washington Editors. Greg served as the Conference co-chair along with Heather Farley of Access Intelligence. SIPA thanks them for their hard work and success.

Read! Calls to Action Enhance Email Marketing.

The Power and (Occasional) Glory of Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool, so powerful that it’s almost like one of those laser weapons in a James Bond film: put in the wrong hands, bad things can happen. I saw an example this week, where a well-intentioned email led to a flurry that had people very upset about their weighted-down inbox. (On that issue, check out the Email Charter devised by Chris Anderson and Jane Wulf to try to get people to send less and engage more—in person or by phone. It’s also in the November Hotline newsletter.

Guardian’s nOtice Gives Edge to ‘Communities’

New Thinking Puts Spotlight on nOtice

We’ve come a long way from Paul Revere’s ride for dispensing community information. But the British are still coming, at least in terms of innovative ideas. Yesterday was the launch date for nOtice, a new tool from The Guardian, orchestrated to give the community message board a digital updating. The Nieman Journalism Lab wrote “Think Craigslist, with SoLoMo [the meeting of Social, Local and Mobile media] sensibilities.” They quoted Matt McAlister, the Guardian’s director of digital strategy: “‘…there have been loads of noticeboards created,’ and ‘people are starting to be a little bit more creative about it’ (using, say, customized logos and snazzy backgrounds for their sites).”

‘Miami’ Speakers Offer Innovative Ideas

Value of Marketing Conference Reflected in Speakers

Today is the early-bird deadline for registration for SIPA’s 28th Annual Marketing Conference in Miami Beach, Dec. 7-9. The way I like to give value is to list key tips previously issued by the speakers, and then present the sessions they will be leading in Miami.

1. On yesterday’s Twitter Chat, Mike May of Real Magnet addressed concerns on the subject he knows best: email marketing. “We should put as much energy into growing and tending our email program as we do utilizing it for our business needs,” he wrote. “If the ‘best’ day to email is Thursday, it’s likely the most cluttered. Try Sunday, see what happens… Best practices aim for the middle of the bell curve. Sometimes you want better than that. So innovate.” (Email Marketing, Thursday, Dec. 8, 9:25 a.m.)

From Stage to Screen to Content Marketing…

A Good Start Can Go a Long Way

“Begin as you mean to continue,” Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett told a young questioner seeking career advice two nights ago at an interview I attended at the Kennedy Center here in Washington, D.C. “Make yourself a five-year plan; that will help you maintain patience. And you can’t make too many compromises.”

Blanchett was, of course, talking about a career in the arts, but there are some parallels to be drawn with any profession that one seeks to pursue—including publishing and marketing. (On a side note, I marvel at the English language. The question has been asked so many times before yet Blanchett can still find an original phrasing: Must be the 10 years she recently spent living in England.) In fact, I believe it’s good advice not just for young people but for anyone embarking on something new, be it a new business, project or even a hobby.

A Refreshing Look at Renewals

Refreshing Your Approach to Renewals

The seasons may come and go, but renewals are a constant. So here are some ideas from people who make a living at helping to generate successful renewals.

Robert Lerose, Lerose Copywriting (pictured left):
1. Put your best offer in the first effort and emphasize that it won’t get better down the road.
Subscribers are smart. Because they know they’ll get many chances to renew, they often hold out until the end in the hope of receiving an even greater deal. By sweetening the pot in a later effort, you reward them for procrastinating. Also, it costs you more money to mail each additional effort and it’s unfair to early renewers.

SIPA 2011 Ends with a Bang (and a Request)

Closing Day of SIPA 2011 Asks Key Questions

On the final day of the SIPA 2011 Conference in Washington, D.C. today, David Meerman Scott had some good news and bad news for the packed SIPF Awards Luncheon audience. The good news, he said, is that as content creators, specialized publishers stand in perfect position in this new social-media-centric world to “write the second paragraph”—meaning that they can take a real-time event and take advantage of it. (His examples were Oakley getting sunglasses for the Chilean miners to wear as they emerged from the ground and Taylor Guitars making a video to play off of the gone-viral song United Breaks Guitars.

What’s the bad news, you ask? Scott detests the generic, good-hair-and-teeth, perfect diversity people that he sees on some SIPA websites. “Who the heck are these people?” he asked with emphasis. “Use your real employees. What a novel idea!”

SIPA 2011 Heats Up on Day 2

SIPA 2011 Rises and Shines on Day 2

“I’ve had this one great customer for years, a small toy store owner,” explained Donna Jefferson of Chesapeake Family at an idea-swirling Day 2 of SIPA 2011 in Washington, D.C., on Monday. He’s one of the advertisers that helps Jefferson take in as much as $32,000 a month in online ads. “He’ll just go on sometimes about his ideas, so finally I asked I him what is it you want? ‘To get people in the store,’ he said. I can do that, I told him. Sometimes you just have to figure out what they’re trying to do.”

SIPA figured out a while ago that conference-goers want to hear about issues that matter to them and successful practices to deal with those issues. So Day 2 delivered on all accounts. Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research started by telling his keynote audience about two recent experiences: one with an unempowered Bank of America employee telling him to basically call back later, and one with an empowered Best Buy phone representative giving him all the information he needed to make a key purchase. Guess where he spent his $1100? He urged SIPA members to empower their own employees and “find your word-of-mouth influencers.” Asked what he sees for the next five or ten years, Bernoff responded “a bunch of different experiences on different devices, as opposed to the unified experience of today.”

Seven Reasons for Attending SIPA 2011

Train sales reps, focus on readers and empower supporters: SIPA 2011 speakers give solid tips

1. Knight Kiplinger, editor in chief of The Kiplinger Washington Editors, will deliver the Monday lunch keynote on June 6 at SIPA 2011. “Our focus is on the reader,” he said. “We don’t have news publications; news is what already happened. Were projecting outcomes based on recent events. We do letters. [Other] publications keep people up to date in their field of interest. We don’t do that. We view our letters as supplemental to the newsletters in their field that they’re already reading…We feel that a subscription earns its price many times over.”
(All attendees will receive a complimentary subscription The Kiplinger Letter.)

Start the Presses! ‘Access’ Acquires Red 7 Media

Access Intelligence Acquires Red 7 Media

The WOW factor shot across the industry yesterday when it was announced that Access Intelligence, a B-to-B media company and SIPA member in Rockville, Md., acquired Red 7 Media, owner of the Folio, Audience Development and Event Marketer brands, among other event and media holdings. In January, AI (specifically its Dorland Health division) acquired OR Manager, a media brand and event company serving operating room executives, managers and doctors, so 2011 certainly means business for them.

“Bringing AI and Red 7’s media properties together will allow us to go deeper into the community of media professionals,” Diane Schwartz, AI SVP and group publisher, wrote to us in an email. “We serve our audiences in much the same ways—events, online, print, etc. It’s our goal to increase our engagement with our audiences—and events are a great way to take the dialogue online to in-person. And vice versa, as our events help build out our online communities.”

Your Paths to Lock Onto – from Other Publishers

Trends That Publishers See Coming Your Way

Here is our quarterly review of trends or paths that your fellow publishers and colleagues want to lock onto in the coming months.

1. Rick Longenecker, president, Armature Group
It appears that small and mid-size companies are again focused on top-line revenue growth after two years of cost containment. There seems to be a real hunger to double revenue with no additional cost.

Read What Your Peers Say is Working

The Secrets of Success

Here are 10 strategies that SIPA members are having success with at this current time.

1. We are investing time and resources in improving and expanding our emedia position in our markets, while building more engaged communities both online and offline.
–Diane Schwartz, senior vice president & group publisher, Access Intelligence

SIPA Member Profile: Schwartz Has Access to Engagement

Diane Schwartz, Senior Vice President & Group Publisher, Access Intelligence, New York

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
SCHWARTZ: I was a technical editor at EDS, editing manuals unhappily, I’ll admit. I realized that while I love journalism, I needed something more creative. So it was a job worth having—briefly!

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.
As a journalist at a daily newspaper in Virginia, I had the opportunity to interview a wide range of “characters”—from Miss Virginia to death row inmates and it was the perfect job for an aspiring editor/writer. When I joined PBI Media in 1996 (which was what Access Intelligence was called in the ’90s), I had the chance to roll up my sleeves on the business, marketing and sales sides and realized that I thrived in an entrepreneurial environment in which I was allowed to dabble in all areas of publishing. My managers over the years have allowed me the space to experiment, while always checking that my formula wouldn’t blow up the building (so to speak).

Our Top Speakers, Your Bottom Line

Improving Your Website, Renewals and Social (Media) Skills

With the Miami Marketing Conference coming up in less than two months, we want to spotlight some of the accomplished speakers who are on the agenda along with a sneak peek of their knowledge.

On marketing.
1. Eric Hellweg, editor at Harvard Business Publishing, will be joining Mequoda’s Don Nicholas to present a session titled, “Limited Slots, Maximum Results: Maximize Your Marketing Inventory.” A little while ago, Hellweg looked back on his company’s successful transition.

Relationships Matter Here and in Miami

Examining the Ties That Bind Between Marketers, IT, Copywriters and Customers

At the much-anticipated Marketing Conference in Miami, Nov. 10-12, Greg Krehbiel of The Kiplinger Washington Editors will lead a session titled Top 10 Things Marketers Need to Know About IT. “With online marketing more important than ever,” the description reads, “marketing managers need to have a strong working relationship with the IT department…This very practical session delves into the most common and vexing problems in the IT-marketing relationship, and offers proven solutions from interviews with professionals on both sides.”

Krehbiel raised this very interesting topic on the SIPA online marketing forum a couple months ago, and the responses gave a glimpse of just how good a session this will be.