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Tag: advanstar

Good News: Magazine + Media M&A on Significant Upswing

Multiplatform publishing is a business model we believe in with every fiber of our professional being, and we put those beliefs into practice around the clock. But it’s nice to look up from our work every once in a while and see that more and more people are realizing how profitable it can be: A recent streak of media M&A deals has analysts talking in terms of pre-recession levels.

If You’re Collecting Subscriber Data – Use It!

We recently had a conversation internally about how much data to collect from a user when they sign up for a free product. If you’re trying to convert a free website visitor into an email subscriber, less is more. The less fields you ask them to fill out, the more likely they are to sign up. If you need to collect more data, like an address for direct mail, then you should. However, don’t collect data you don’t use.

Stipla Dives Into The Digital Magazine Publishing Frontier

Stipla is a new interactive iPad magazine that tells the stories of people from around the world. Cool Hunting’s Nara Shin writes, “Stipla combines writing with panoramic photographs.