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Tag: association of national advertisers

Digital Magazine Content and the Impact of Social Networks

Digital magazine content can find great homes online, especially when it’s offered throughout a variety of popular channels.

Today we’re looking at some offerings for digital publishers that are coming from Facebook and Google, as these major social networks continue to work on its relationship and revenue strategy with content.

Ad Blocking Impact Will Reach Unprecedented Levels in Coming Years

What we know: Ad blocking is on the rise. What we don’t know: whether the effort to block ad blockers will prove effective. What’s starting to become apparent: The ad blocking impact will be significant.

For online publishers who don’t rely solely on digital advertising for revenue, this is not crushing news. Hopefully, you’re one of them, because you have a multiplatform strategy in place. For online publishers who do, rely solely on digital advertising, read on for MediaPost’s coverage. And don’t panic!

Ad Blocking Programs Continue to Vex Marketers, Publishers

How are entities like Vox Media, Quartz, the IAB, and the ANA combating ad blocking programs?
As ad blocking programs proliferate and become more popular with consumers – especially younger consumers like Millennials – marketers and publishers are feeling the heat in trying to confront what they consider a common enemy.

Recent news about Google’s efforts to

RTB 500 Debuts on MediaPost

MediaPost has launched its RTB 500, a Standard & Poor-style index of up-to-the-minute media prices. The composite will aim to track the rates of ad buys at 500 publishers, The New York Times reports. The rise of programmatic, or automated, ads has fueled the need for a real-time report on supply and demand.

Advertising Metrics Need Governance, ANA Says

Advertisers, losing patience with what they perceive as unreliable performance tracking, are clamoring for more oversight and authority.

Allrecipes Magazine Launches

While many publishers are taking most of their content online, Meredith is doing the opposite. Ad Week is reporting that Meredith has launched Allrecipes magazine. Lucia Moses writes, “With ad revenue shifting online, publishers generally aren’t launching big magazines these days; an exception is Hearst Magazines,

fuelNet Releases 10 Secrets for Successful Customer Relationship Marketing

For most growing businesses, building strong, long-lasting customer relationships is akin to finding the Holy Grail. Only a select few have mastered customer relationship marketing and made it to the top of their industry.

fuelNet Publishes The 5 Best Direct Mail Marketing Ideas of 2008

FuelNet announces the release of a free Smart Paper to help growing companies improve the success rates of their creative direct mail

New Mequoda Hub Launches for Owners of Growing Businesses offers users a one-stop resource for advice on marketing, selling, brand building, and customer communications