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Tag: atlantic media strategies

Publishing Strategy Expanding at Atlantic

Atlantic Media Strategies is proving shrewder by the day in its approach to consulting, Digiday reports.

The firm’s most recent move involves Atlantic Media writing articles and posts for sponsors of its Aspen Ideas Festival, which include the likes of Shell and U.S. Trust.

Atlantic Media Strategies Example of Publishers Branching Out

Publishers are diversifying their offerings – including licensing proprietary tech, sharing best practices and models with brands, and consulting on media operations – to both expand their own reach and offset any shortfalls in ad revenues, Digiday reports.

LinkedIn Publishing Operations Accelerate

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn is living up to its name.

The networking mega-platform is launching an initiative to connect content with advertising, including partnerships with such publishers as Atlantic Media, Bloomberg, CBSi, and IDG. At their core, the partnerships will involve the promotion of stories and targeted ads, with LinkedIn as the conduit.