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Tag: b2b content marketing

News for Print Publishers: Newsstand, Xerox, Customization

While it’s true we’ve made our reputation with digital publishers, remember that many of them started as print publishers, and we helped them make the transition by instilling multiplatform strategy and philosophy. Also keep in mind that some of us have a background in print magazines going way back, most notably our founder and chairman Don Nicholas himself.

Looking to Make a Magazine Online?

To make a magazine online is to set out on quite a journey. It’s a journey that will require comrades, and we’re more than happy to join you on your digital publishing odyssey. There will be turbulence, bumps, and stormy weather. But there will also be success if you’re willing to work.

B2B Content Marketing is Huge and Brands Are Becoming Publishers

Content marketing has caught on in many industries and disciplines, including B2B and B2C companies and publishers. According to Ad Age, 86 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing, although only a little over one third have a dedicated strategy for their content marketing efforts.

Week in Review: July 11th, 2011 – July 15th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

B2B Content Marketing in The Summer – How’s That Working Out for You?

9 tips for making the most of B2B content marketing in the summertime

There are over 2600 different recordings of the song “Summertime”, but the lyrics remain the same: “Summertime and the living is easy.”

That’s why the summer, especially in countries and states with four seasons, it’s no wonder why people go into vacation mode in their minds, anxiously awaiting the end of their work hours.

3 Ways to Strengthen User Relationships with Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed to create stronger relationships, but only if you’re doing it correctly

Content marketing is the most successful method for creating a devout online audience.

That is my honest opinion and I stick by it.

Content Marketing is Becoming More Desirable

Study shows increased spending, more time and resources for content marketing

The information found in this article should be of interest to everyone. Seriously. Since content marketing is going up, online publishers and marketers engaging in the process can breath a sigh of relief because they are on the right track with their commitment to content marketing. Everyone else can rejoice over the fact that companies are finally seeing the value in content marketing, and are realizing that shouting their message or simply touting the features of a product are not enough anymore.

Maybe consumers are getting savvier with how they spend their money. I’m sure economic woes have played part in that instance. Consumers have also reached the point of refusing to be manipulated and betrayed by alleged products. I’m sure we all have purchased something we’ve ended up regretting – content marketing helps eliminate that feeling.