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Tag: cnet

Online Media Industry News: Mobile, Advertising, Data

While there’s a lot to be excited and optimistic about, the online media industry is also full of pitfalls, mirages, and false leads that run into dead ends. We try to tell you about both ends of the divide!

The fundamentals of digital publishing include multiplatform strategy, subscription strategy, and advertising. But the proliferation of mobile video and audience data, while definitely serving their purpose, can sidetrack magazines. does a nice job of covering these realities and other online media industry news with some recent articles. Let’s take a look!

Monetizing Content Can Be a Many-Splendored Thing

The days of starting a magazine, sitting back, and watching the revenue roll in are over. Publishers must be vigilant in monitoring industry trends, establishing best practices, and monetizing content via multiplatform strategies. Not as part of a five-year strategic plan, but with every monthly editorial calendar. Folio: has you covered on the industry trends. Here are five recent articles that cover various companies’ efforts in monetizing content.

Could Meerkat Become an Essential Publisher App?

We know, we know: It’s a stiff challenge to keep up with all of the emerging social and sharing opportunities for publishers. But one new publisher app is gaining immediate traction, and its rise dovetails nicely with a big need for any multiplatform endeavor: a push for better video operations.

Digital Publisher Goes To Print

It’s not incredibly common to see a digital publishing launching a print magazine, but CNET is doing just that.

Twitter for Publishers — Social Platform Tests “Buy” Button

Publishers have taken to Twitter because the social platform is a micropublishing site — something directly aligned with the activities of digital publishers.

Twitter has been a valuable tool in building audiences, and for targeting keyword phrases for better Google rank, but now there’s new options with Twitter.

Partnerships Are Part of TV Guide’s Digital Publishing Strategy

Deadline is reporting that TV Guide has partnered with CBS Interactive in a cross promotional content deal. David Lieberman writes

Bloomberg’s Digital First Video Strategy

Does this work on TV or the web? That is the question Bloomberg TV producers are asking themselves now. Digiday has a full report on how this digital first strategy is paying off for Bloomberg. Josh Sternberg writes,”Bloomberg has production teams in New York, London and Asia, which together create an eye-popping 200 pieces of video content every day, both streaming video and video on demand.”

TIME Doesn’t Know What to Do With All This Traffic

Back on April 1 Don wrote a post entitled Saving TIME Magazine: or, the Future of All of Us. Don’s vision of the future, even for faltering weekly news magazines, focuses on creating a niche product like any of our clients or followers who implement the Mequoda Method, even if the scale is a bit different.

The Netflix of Magazine Subscriptions Now Has 100ish Titles

Next Issue, basically a Netflix for magazines subscriptions, now has over 100 titles. For $14.99 a month people get access to about 93 different publications and growing quickly. Bloomberg Businessweek, People and The New Yorker are just few of the publications available on the service. Their platform works on tablets and PCs. StackSocial, an eCommerce platform for tech publishers, is offering a two-month subscription to Next Issue Premium for free.

Is There Hope For the Tribune Tablet?

According to CNN, “The Tribune Co., one of the largest U.S. news enterprises, is working on a touchscreen tablet that it plans to offer to newspaper subscribers”. CNN writer Mark Milan writes, “The tablet is expected to run a modified version of Google’s Android operating system,” and “Tribune aims to offer the tablet for free, or at a highly subsidized price, to people who agree to sign up for extended subscriptions to one of its papers and possibly a wireless-data plan with a partner cellular carrier”.

This isn’t news to me though, in fact I might be bias to the whole thing. I’ve been telling newspaper publishers to give away tablets to subscribers even before the iPad came out. In fact, I had the same thoughts when the Amazon Kindle first came out back in 2007:

Google Re-Indexed the World, Decided it’s 83% Bigger

Virtual perceptions grow within Google

By now, online publishers have acknowledged Google’s Panda update, which began rolling out in late February.

To discover how the algorithm change affected Mequoda System publishers, we recently ran an original analysis of B2B and B2C media websites. This analysis focused on some of our Mequoda Gold Member clients, for whom we manage and create Google Visibility Reports.

A Forecast on Projected Global Tablet Sales

How many tablets do you think will be sold this year?

Whatever tablets are used for, be it business purposes or the personal consumption of content, the trend is expected to continue for years.

Apple’s iPad is surely a big part of this market and has been an integral part of sales, which are expected to reach 19.5 million units sold worldwide by the end of this year.

5 Different Types of Search Engines – How They Make Money

How search engines work, make money and can help you build your business

Copyright in 2008: To Free or Not to Free

Creative Commons: Adding an extra step to your copyrighting process for 2008

Avoid Chapter 11 by Choosing a Clear Online Strategy

Ziff Davis files for bankruptcy, citing a decrease in print revenues as a primary factor. Might a better online strategy have saved them?

Podcasting for Publishers

How online publishers are using podcasts to expand their brand, increase customer loyalty and make more money online

Parks Associates predicts that by 2012, “broadband media” such as online streaming video, podcasts and ad-supported music and video download services will make up more than half ($6.6 billion) of the total ($12.6 billion) revenue the U.S. generates in advertising.

Successful podcast publishers distribute their podcasts at least once a week. If you’re the New York Times, it makes sense to distribute a daily podcast with today’s top headlines, however it’s certainly not necessary for the rest of us. While this article doesn’t focus on the content of a podcast, has a great article on content and production rules for podcasting.

Forbes Internet Hub Case Study

How They Created the World’s Number One Business Website

We’ve been taught that successful website publishing in 2005 means creating happy users and healthy profits. With 10.3 million worldwide unique visitors per month, I think it’s fair to say that has done just that.