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Tag: content aggregation

Digital Publishers Are Working With Their Content Differently

Digital publishers are constantly working to find the best methods and channels for creating and distributing their content. Today we are looking at some of the strategies these publishers are using to get more engagement and bigger audiences.

9 Guidelines for Content Aggregators Who Recycle the News

Aggregating great content is just as valuable as creating great content

Content aggregation is often given a bad name, because it’s often done incorrectly.

The best content aggregators approach the process as the valuable art form that it is. Content aggregators recognize the web is all about content aggregation, and their work allows users to reach new depths on the subject matter they care about.

We first wrote about content aggregation in 2011. At that time, he had been researching best practices for content aggregation and strategies content aggregators should avoid.

10 Most-Read Multiplatform Publishing Posts of 2017

Our top-read multiplatform publishing posts of last year talk about creating strategies to increase revenue and value for everyone involved.
Multiplatform publishing strategies were a hot topic in 2017, and for good reason. Publishers are always looking for unique ways to increase revenue, and our top-read posts from last year include comprehensive information about each

Mequoda’s Top Multiplatform Publishing Posts of 2016

Our top-read multiplatform publishing posts of last year show an interest in native advertising and publishing expansion

This year has been a huge time of change in publishing, and we’re excited to see that much of that change comes in the form of multiplatform publishing. Even the most hesitant publishers have started to adopt new subscription

10 Top Multiplatform Publishing Posts of 2015

Our most-read multiplatform publishing posts of 2015 reveal a desire for better understanding of sponsorships, organization and cross-platform development
This year we’ve tackled everything from online advertising models, content recycling and building better multiplatform publishing teams in our Multiplatform Publishing Strategy articles. However, there are a few that have consistently been our highest read, commented on,

Digital Publishing Metrics News: Page Views, Disaggregated Content, Ecommerce, Social Media

ALM, Hearst, Google, Apple, Texture, Time Inc. are the media companies and digital magazines leading the shift in publishing metrics
Much like old-school counting statistics in baseball, old-school publishing metrics like clicks and page views are falling out of favor as key performance indicators that provide a fuller picture rise in popularity. These KPIs deal mainly

Two Ways to Avoid the Potential Penalties of Being a Content Aggregator

Did your search traffic drop this month? Even the most respected publishers I know saw a little kick from the recent Phantom update, which hones in, as usual, on high-quality content without truly explaining what that is.

But Google is just a machine, after all. I have to wonder if you’ve ever launched an update to your website, and it caused something to break? Maybe you installed a new plugin, or maybe it was a total redesign. Then afterward, a team of developers scramble to make it right again.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Content Aggregator

Content aggregators sometimes have a Jekyll and Hyde complex — but they don’t need to
Are you a content aggregator? If you source content from other sites, and then turn it into new material to riff off of, then you are. There are dirty rotten scoundrel ways to do it, of course, but most highly respected

What is a Content Aggregator?

There are a lot of things you can do without knowing it, but content aggregation isn’t one of them. For example, you could offend someone without knowing it. You could drive through a stop sign without knowing it. Or, you could steal a piece of candy when your five-year old drops it into your bag… and not even know it.
But if you’re rummaging through the web for content you can use as the basis for new articles, you probably know it. If you’re a content aggregator, you know it.

Will Apple Develop An Aggregated Content App?

Publishers have been looking at Apple’s acquisition of Prss very carefully, formulating ideas of what the platform will be used for. Will Apple attempt to get further into digital publishing?

My Top 12 Articles of 2012

I want to usher in 2013 by sharing some of my top articles from this past year. Each of these articles received a favorable amount of social interaction, so in case you missed them, here are my top 12 articles of 2012.

Week in Review: November 19th, 2012 – November 23rd, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Developing Your Audience with Subscription Website Archetypes

Three ways to generate free subscribers

The digital subscription is an interesting audience development tool. It can be used to build an email marketing file, and it can help develop free and paid subscribers. There are three subscription website archetypes that particularly target free subscribers,

In many circles, blogging is still misunderstood by many. However, as more knowledgeable people come forth to share information on the topics they are passionate about, the value of blogging becomes more apparent.

5 Tips for Content Aggregation

Are you aggregating content for your audience appropriately?

I’ve learned a lot about content aggregation in the last year.

This has been done mainly through watching how news sources aggregate content, and reading opinions from publishers, editors and reporters on topic.

SIPA Member Profile: McKinney Provides Solutions

Mike McKinney, President, comHAUS, Inc.

What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
After a stint as Apple student rep, I went to work on an hourly basis as an AE in a small marketing firm in Dallas—and worked my way into a salary and a client base. I am proud to boast that I have generated more money for my employer than they have paid me in wages since the week I graduated college. We wrote a strategic plan for a client who wanted to start a service bureau for Voice Mail and Fax on Demand. The day we presented the plan they told us, “Great idea. We think you should do it.” So, they paid us for the plan, we took the technology and became an interactive fax service bureau, FaxResources. In 1995, FaxResources merged with the Dallas Cowboy Insider—thrusting me into early epublishing. Then we merged with !nfaxamation in ’97, which moved me to Denver. !nfaxamation merged with International Teledata Group (ITG)—which was an enlightening experience in corporate dysfunction—causing me to launch comHAUS in ’99.

Appinions Aims to Bring Content Together

Discover new means of content aggregation

A new platform created by Appinions allows online publishers to collect content on specific topics, either from their website or externally on the web.

For instance, The Economist is using the service to create a comment cloud on the topics most widely covered on their website. When the cloud is clicked on, it brings up conversations, links and various stories on the topic.

Two Tools to Evaluate the Success of your Website

Using Compete SnapShot and Yahoo! Site Explorer to Measure the Success of Your Websites (and those of your Competitors!)

One very common way to determine a site’s success is to know how many unique visitors it gets each month. Unique visitors is a stat everyone wants to know and it’s usually the first number a website publisher will mention when discussing the success of his or her website.

Consumer Magazine Website Design

Consumer magazine websites are as diverse in content and execution as the magazines they represent. Some offer robust content and interactive functionality that begin to take advantage of the promise of online publishing, while some… do not.