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Tag: content aggregator

Two Ways to Avoid the Potential Penalties of Being a Content Aggregator

Did your search traffic drop this month? Even the most respected publishers I know saw a little kick from the recent Phantom update, which hones in, as usual, on high-quality content without truly explaining what that is.

But Google is just a machine, after all. I have to wonder if you’ve ever launched an update to your website, and it caused something to break? Maybe you installed a new plugin, or maybe it was a total redesign. Then afterward, a team of developers scramble to make it right again.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Content Aggregator

Content aggregators sometimes have a Jekyll and Hyde complex — but they don’t need to
Are you a content aggregator? If you source content from other sites, and then turn it into new material to riff off of, then you are. There are dirty rotten scoundrel ways to do it, of course, but most highly respected

What is a Content Aggregator?

There are a lot of things you can do without knowing it, but content aggregation isn’t one of them. For example, you could offend someone without knowing it. You could drive through a stop sign without knowing it. Or, you could steal a piece of candy when your five-year old drops it into your bag… and not even know it.
But if you’re rummaging through the web for content you can use as the basis for new articles, you probably know it. If you’re a content aggregator, you know it.

Zinio Magazines to Get Audience Media Treatment

Zinio, the mobile app platform for 5,000 digital magazines, has acquired Audience Media with the aim to become the first content aggregator to produce “white label, branded apps for consumers,” according to Digital Trends.