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Tag: Contributor Network

How to Simplify Digital Product Development and Save Money at the Same Time

In his bestseller, “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes 10,000 hours, or approximately ten years, so become an expert at something. That means there are very few digital product development experts out there in the universe, even in the publishing world. Let’s consider some of the digital products we interface with regularly today.

Are Linkless Mentions Important for Publishers?

Should you be trying to acquire linkless mentions?
You may have heard the phrase “linkless mentions” rolling around in social media and your email inbox over the last year or so. The concept is explained exactly as it sounds: a linkless mention, also called linkless attribution or an implied link, is the mention of your brand

9 Creative Ways to Bring in New Revenue

Because multiplatform technology is an evolving, changing target, publishers are limited only by their imagination—and tenacity—when it comes to creating new revenue streams. It’s manifest destiny in the digital age.

Snapchat Media: Changes to Discover

When it comes to Snapchat, media brands must reconcile the upside of the channel with its challenges. Or overcome the challenges and maximize that upside, take your pick. Most digital publishers would pick the latter, of course, and recent design changes could help them get there.

But, as points out, the changes themselves could cause their own consternation – if not with magazine publishers, then possibly with users. As with any social media strategy, there’s a delicate balance. The question is, is it worth the trouble in this case?

We say yes, especially when the trouble is free or close to it. A little experimentation can go a long way. However, over-reliance on any platform can spell trouble.

Examining the Forbes Digital Makeover

How many 100-year-olds do you know who are adept at using the Internet? Forbes, a leading business publisher for nearly a century, is a shining case study in digital expansion, according to a recent report from 360 Public Relations. was relaunched in 2010, and the result has been a 104% increase in unique monthly visitors. The site currently boasts 24.6 million.

How Forbes and Other Publisher Platforms Incentivize User Generated Content

With venerable tastemaker Time Out the latest in a long line of magazines opening up their websites to user-generated content, the question of how to compensate “amateur” or non-staff writers is gaining more relevance.

ALM Launches Contributor Network on

The more content the better. That’s what ALM had in mind when they launched which features its own contributor network. Adding the contributor network will help law thought leaders share their views and insights on various topics while still reporting on breaking law news.

Parade Makes a Digital Publishing Move

Parade has been a bit slow to make the digital shift but over the past year it’s made a few different digital publishing moves. Digiday’s Josh Sternberg writes, “In June, the publication revamped its website with a cleaner, more image-heavy design.

America’s Test Kitchen Unifies its Subscription Website Model

America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) is now offering access to all three of its subscription websites for 69.99/year. Gigaom reports, “ATK is offering bundled access to all three of its websites, plus a selection of 1,000 recipes from its cookbooks, for $69.95 per year. That’s a good deal because previously a subscription to just one website was $34.95 a year, and if you wanted access to the “Cookbook Collection” recipes you had to pay an additional $15 a year.”

The Future of Digital Content as Predicted by The Motley Fool

Publishers have one major thing to think about in the next couple of years. What is the future of digital content?

Ten years ago, the question might have simply been “What is the future of content?” But as we predicted back then, the future is digital. So where does that road lead?

SEO Analysis: Things We’ve Learned Since The Google Panda Updates

A little SEO analysis on Google’s Panda update

Google’s Panda update is pretty robust. As always, they’re telling folks to “write good content and they will come”. However, we can only truly define “good content” by looking at the results of the algorithm update. Here is some of the SEO analysis going on that others are taking notice of. If you’ve noticed anything personally, feel free to share it with us and our readers in the comments.

What is Meant by “Quality” Content?

Thoughts from the paidContent Conference

The most recent change to the Google algorithm focused on rewarding high-quality content.

Websites providing low-quality content have lost rank in many instances.

The Only Google Algorithm-Proof Strategy for SEO

The best SEO campaign strategy is actually a social strategy

Search engine marketers are continually throwing their arms up in the air every time Google makes an algorithm change. Unfortunately, these marketers will continue to drain the blood from their arms because Google does this over and over again, with no regard to how we market our content.

What never changes in the algorithm though, is the influence of real people on the web. When Google goes and gives EZine articles the boot that drops their rankings by 71%, we all cry, “but why!” We follow this up by saying, “I spent so much time writing keyword-stuffed, unhelpful and robotic content on that site so that I could get an inbound link to my own site!”