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Tag: copywriting secrets

The Do-It-Yourself Method of Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Affordable search engine optimization tips for editors (hint—they’re all free)

As a daily editor with evergreen topics, I simply can not write a post without targeting a keyword. Most articles on the Mequoda blog are useful whether you read them today or whether you read them four years ago. Many of our most popular articles were published back in 2008, and all of them were optimized for search engines. There’s no way that we’d see even 2% of the traffic we are currently getting on those blogs if we’d named them something flashy, click-worthy and non-descriptive.

Texting Gives Businesses Another Channel

Texting Becoming Bigger Part of Business Communications

Melcrum had an excellent blog on Monday about text messaging as a communications channel. Their focus is on internal communications—so Mike Berry, their head of content, worries about “hard-to-reach and non-wired employees, perhaps on production lines, factories or distribution centres”—but there are lessons to be learned for external messaging as well.

Berry leads us to a survey on texting conducted by the Vitiello Communications Group and a report they issued in their October 2010 online newsletter called Dialog.

Ideas for Writing Good Lines of Copy. Action!

Thoughts for Writing Effective Lines of Copy

Copywriting. Many of us do it every day. But how many of us, in writing our marketing pitches, succeed in coming up with something memorable?

Well, don’t feel bad. Michael Cieply wrote last week that there have been hardly any memorable lines in films in recent years. Now granted, that isn’t copywriting, but screenwriters get paid a lot of money to come up with memorable lines. “It may be that a Web-driven culture of irony latches onto the movie lines for something other than brilliance, or is downright allergic to the kind of polish that was once applied to the best bits of dialogue,” Cieply wrote.

Writing Killer Text Ads

Order this new, 90-minute webinar, co-sponsored by Mequoda and SIPA, and discover how to write text ads that can generate millions in revenue.

Ripped from the Headlines: The Green Giant Has Always Been Shrek

Are there SEO copywriting lessons to be gleaned from the Beloit College Mindset List?

Do you ever feel old and out of touch with popular culture?

I knew I was no longer young when — and this happened quite a few years ago — I overheard two teen-aged girls talking in a music store.

One asked innocently, “Did you know that Paul McCartney had another band — before Wings?”

Search-Engine-Optimized Link-Writing Strategies for Improving Your Google Rankings

Attention to these SEO copywriting details can boost your site’s “findability” and popularity

So, you’ve written a terrific blog post that’s chock-full of your targeted keyword phrases. It simply exudes SEO magnetism — or so you think — and you want to upload it immediately and start to measure the response.

Here’s a suggestion: Wait. Have another look. Check it once more, this time to determine if you can improve the SEO linking opportunities. Then make a few tweaks.

The two major factors that affect search engine optimization are content and links. Writing great content is not enough. To be an effective SEO copywriter, you must be committed to both content and links. (You don’t want to leave these details to the I.T. folks; SEO is your responsibility.)

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How to Break an SEO Keyword Phrase Copywriting Logjam

SEO copywriting tips on beating mental blocks

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SEO Copywriting – It’s a Matter of Practice

Tips on SEO Copywriting from Peter Schaible at the Mequoda Summit in Napa Valley

The Email Copywriting Workshop

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Organic, Dedicated and Hybrid Landing Pages – Oh My!

It isn’t enough to know how to design a landing page, you should also understand why writing for the web is not the same as writing for print

Bob Bly’s New Book: The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart

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Link-Building Loophole: 8 Steps for Growing Email Circulation with PDFs

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Editorial Strategy

Learn our Five Creative Copywriting Tips for Attracting, Engaging and Monetizing Customers by downloading our FREE SEO Copywriting Secrets white paper.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn our Five Creative Copywriting Tips for Attracting, Engaging and Monetizing Customers by downloading our FREE SEO Copywriting Secrets white paper.

SEO Copywriting Secrets

Download our new SEO report (for free) and learn the five creative copywriting tips for attracting, engaging and monetizing customers

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If a copywriter creates a great landing page and no one finds or reads it, does it have any impact?

While the answer to the first question may be debated forever, the answer to the second is a clear and resounding “no.” For the words we write to have any impact, they must be read. And to be read widely, they must be found by search engines.

Online copywriting secrets for attracting, engaging and monetizing customers

The key to creating successful sales letter landing pages is writing keyword-rich copy that Google ranks highly

Uploading a sales letter landing page to a website without regard to search engine optimization is a sure way to not be found. No matter how great the content, if Internet users can’t find it, it does not exist for them.

The Secret of the Four-Legged Stool

The four-legged stool technique was developed originally by Bill Bonner of Agora Publishing, strictly for selling financial newsletters.

Expert copywriter Robert W. Bly noticed, however, that these four elements also work for 90 to 95 percent of all information products.

The concept is pretty simple: a four-legged stool is very stable. If you pull one leg off, it’s only relatively stable—you can still sit on it, but not as comfortably as you would a four-legged stool.

The Danger of the Big Promise

The Secondary Promise is a lesser benefit that the product also delivers.

Although not as large as the Big Promise, the Secondary Promise should be big enough so that, by itself, it is reason enough to order the product… yet small enough so that it is easily believed.

This way, even if the reader is totally skeptical about the Big Promise, he can believe the Secondary Promise and order on that basis alone.

Three Requirements of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) as Defined by the Man who Invented the Term

Rosser Reeves wrote a classic advertising book in 1961 titled Reality in Advertising. Many of us newcomers have never read this book, mostly because it’s widely unavailable.

But lucky for us, Robert W. Bly spent $95 for it on eBay and shared with us at this year’s Mequoda Summit Reeves’ three requirements of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition):

2006 Mequoda Summit Wrap-Up

The 2006 Mequoda Summit, our third, was the best yet.

Enthusiastic participants traveled to Waltham, Massachusetts (a suburb of Boston) from all over the U.S and from as far away as the United Kingdom, Germany and China to attend.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who attended, participated and those who provided us with feedback.

There were many informative and enlightening presentations, so it’s hard to choose the most memorable. Some of the many highlights:

The Four “U”s for Writing Great Headlines

At this week’s Mequoda Summit, Robert W. Bly, the man McGraw Hill calls “America’s best copywriter” will deliver a presentation titled “World’s Best Kept Copywriting Secrets”. He also has a book by the same name.

In his presentation on Friday afternoon, Bob will reveal tips for writing great headlines, great outer envelope messages and will demonstrate how to deliver a complete and compelling message. Landing Page Review

Clayton Makepeace is a legend in the direct response advertising business. He has the respect of both his clients and peers—the hallmark of a real professional.

He has a huge portfolio of winning direct mail packages, commands top dollar for his work and in April of 2006 conducted a $5,000-per-seat, how-to seminar for aspiring copywriters. I can’t imagine anyone not putting his name on their top-10 list.

At Mr. Makepeace displays his considerable skill with one objective: to get other copywriters to sign up for his free email newsletter.