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Tag: Designing a website

The Most Important Magazine Website Design Element Most Designers Forget

The keys to magazine website design are function and familiarity, not bells and whistles.
I’m always surprised by how many publishers want to reinvent the wheel when they launch a new magazine website design. If they have the budget, they’ll try to do it when they create magazine apps as well.

But the secret to great design

Website Affordance and Usability Tips To Make Users Feel Smart

Want to know a great way to confuse, distract and drive away new users? Design a website like a print ad. Go ahead, throw underlines under things that aren’t hyperlinks. Overdesign your button graphics so nobody knows that they’re clickable. While you’re at it, make it as hard as possible for someone to figure out how to get from one page to the next.

Digital Media Ads: Cross-Device Targeting, 2016 Predictions, Ad Blocking

Digital media ads are only one part of a multiplatform strategy amid subscriptions, events, white papers, and other products, of course, but they sure can serve as an important 0ne, depending on your magazine business model.

For all but the biggest, most established publishers (and even sometimes they themselves) generating Internet advertising revenue can be tricky and erratic. While the ad dollars are there, wringing them out with the right online content management and audience development is the key.

14 Best Website Design Guidelines for Improving Any Website

Since 2006 we have held these fourteen guidelines as the most fundamental principles of the best website design.

Every website is unique to its own audience, so you can’t include things like the best colors to use, or anything that will tell you exactly how to design a site. What we’ve put together is a report card that can be applied to any website, of any age. Like I said, this report card has existed for almost a decade and when we update it (like we did today), all of the rules still apply.

What Great Website Design Actually Means and How to Measure it

Have you started the venture on your next great website design? Maybe your original design was pretty great when you launched, but it’s been a few years now and it’s not so great. What exactly is the definition of great, anyway? Is it a good color pallette? A fancy design? Does it shuffle content more effectively, or draw your eye to the most important calls to action? Does it generate revenue for you? Has it been effective at building an email list? Are you consistently seeing more revenue generated through it than the month before?

You can probably guess at which of these questions are more important than others. If we have to hear another new marketing intern complain about pop-ups without looking at the 20-30% increase in email captures when they launched, we’re going to go all Nate Silver on them. Business goals – do you have them? Good. Are you willing to do what it takes to reach them? Great.

Designing a Website: 12 Best Website Design Tools

Use these 13 best website design tools when designing a website

The most important goal when designing a website is to figure out the main funnel that gets a visitor to complete a transaction. That transaction may be monetary (a sale) or not (a subscription to your email newsletter).

Effective website design is based on efficiency, clarity, and user-friendly elements that take the visitor through the funnel.

Check out these thirteen best website design tools that cover all of the above.

Top 10 Digital Magazine Publishing Posts of 2013

We often hear about predictions for digital magazines; how they will grow, the revenue generation expected throughout the industry and the time frames associated with these numbers. These predictions are important, as they help publishers better prepare for the future. What’s more interesting, however, is discovering how people who are already consuming digital magazines are enjoying their experiences.

The Magazine Subscription Website Business Model

The magazine website is one of nine subscription website models that Mequoda has identified and defined. We do this because designing a website is as much about establishing a business model as it is about “design,” and so many people simply don’t understand how the different models are used, leading to websites that don’t drive revenue the way the publisher expected.

Week in Review: November 26th, 2012 – November 30th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Inducing Traffic Through Better Web Design

When you’re designing a website one of the main objectives should be inducing traffic. No matter what the content of your website is, if you don’t create traffic its not going to be very successful. Not only do you want to create traffic, but also you want your users to stay for a while, rather

Website Button Best Practices + Free PSD Button Templates

Website design guidelines: Start with some website button best practices and finish by downloading some for yourself

When designing a website, one of the most important aspects we look at is usability. And when we launch websites, we always conduct usability testing, asking testers to perform a set of tasks to see how easily they can get through them.

Buttons on websites can be interpreted in so many different ways and can often be the most confusing element on a web page.

Reasons Why It’s Important To Define Your Website

Follow this website design guidelines to make sure you don’t confuse or scare off potential customers

When a user lands on your homepage, your website should tell them exactly what you do and how your website can help them. Are you trying to sell something? Are you a content creator? Who is your audience?

To communicate strategic intent, you must know two things:

1. What are your users trying to do at your site?
2. What do you want them to do at your site?

At least one of those goals should be a way to monetize the visitor. Clear strategic intent is much easier to achieve when the website has very simplified functionality. Complex websites confuse users.

The Wireframe Process and Subscription Websites

Helpful tips on creating a website prototype before the actual building process begins

Before designing a website, it’s important to map out what the website will look like. If you don’t do this, the process will be virtually impossible to do correctly. We refer to this process as creating a website wireframe.

According to Wikipedia, a wireframe is “a basic visual guide used in interface design to suggest the structure of a website and relationships between its pages.” Wireframes help designers maintain a consistency between pages throughout a website. The importance of wireframing lies in creating user expectations, developing a familiarity with the site and within the communication process between content creators, engineers, developers and clients.

An Online Optimizing Tool for Website Homepage Design

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses essential tips for designing a website homepage and mistakes to avoid in the process

(Nationwide)—It can be difficult to balance between attractive graphic design and quick load time when it comes to websites. Engaging aesthetics are important as they do add feel to websites while creating personal connections with visitors.

However, the load time of a website is also very important. If a website loads too slowly, then it’s likely that visitors will end up navigating away from the page and going to a competitor’s website.

New White Paper on Website Homepage Design Basics

Make your website user-friendly with our free Website Homepage Design Basics report

What’s in Your Email Inbox?

Email Communications is Still on Top for Daily Usage

The Users Goals Are Your Goals

Clearly communicating your website’s features to the user will help fulfill your goals.

It is easy to get carried away when designing a website. With the constantly emerging technology, business models and website designs, it’s easy to blurt out “Let’s do em’ all!” at a staff meeting.

Whoa. Hold on, there.

Your website should strive to fulfill specific business goals by allowing users to fulfill their goals.

This relation between your goals and the users’ is called your website’s strategic intent, and it needs to be clearly communicated to be effective.

Understanding the Seven Website Archetypes

Choosing the right business model and supporting infrastructure for any business is a key strategy for business success, especially in website publishing.

Gas stations, supermarkets and bookstores are all retail businesses. They all resell products, yet the specifics of their business models and their physical infrastructures are very different. Optimizing those specifics will support higher revenue, lower operating costs and happier customers.