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Tag: digital magazine publishing strategy

Proven Digital Magazine Publishing Secrets Revealed in New Free Handbook

January 10, 2014 – BOSTON — Following the recent release of his new Multiplatform Publishing Strategy handbook, Don Nicholas, a leading magazine industry consultant and CEO of Mequoda Group, has just published his second free handbook, Digital Magazine Publishing: Digital Publishing Tips for Creating Digital Magazines in a Tablet Magazine Publishing World.

How the iPad is Saving the Publishing Industry

Anyone who doubts that the iPad is the most important media-related technological innovation in all of human history should re-read those dates. And the exciting thing for those of us who live and breathe magazines is that we get to live through it!

3 Tips for Digital Magazine Publishing

Insight from the OPA spurs tips on digital magazine publishing

If you think about all the types of digital content that exists, would you expect tablet owners to be buying digital magazines more than eBooks, digital newspapers, movies or TV shows? If not, you should. According to OPA’s new survey, magazines are the top form of content being purchased on tablets. (Poynter has a nice graphic of this stat.)

Since digital magazines are clearly of interest to consumers, here are three tips for digital magazine publishing.

Digital Publishing Profits Set Milestones

With reported increases in profitability, digital publishing strategies are proving successful

Digital magazine publishing on tablet devices has turned into a weekly topic for us that continue to present new information to share.

We dove into the process of sharing the most up-to-date digital magazine publishing content with you by releasing our Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics free report earlier this month. The 42-page free report shares digital publishing information, including tips and strategies, with additional content pertaining to the industry’s possible evolution.

Is Digital Magazine Publishing Here to Stay?

Digital magazine publishing is taking off; where will it lead?

With the direction the digital publishing market is headed, it appears digital publications are here to stay. We will likely see new devices reach the market and more editions take shape.

However, attention still needs to be given to the creative process and audience acceptance of digital products.

Digital Magazine Publishers: Survey Your Audience to Determine Tablet Penetration

Some digital publishers discover relevant information by surveying their audience

The publishers who survey their audiences and do not experience the survey results they expect may be asking the wrong questions.

For instance, your audience may be more apt to respond when you explain to them that the data you’re looking to collect has the ability to enhance their content consuming habits.

Information on Digital Magazine Publishing

There is digital publishing information we’ve come across that’s made digital publishers hopeful

Millions of tablet devices are expected to ship in the coming years. The ownership of digital reading devices has reached 29% for Americans.

More than one in four US consumers own a digital reading device. The time is perfect for digital publishers to enhance their print magazine content by making the digital transformation. After doing so, they have the opportunity to provide a better content experience through the help of rich digital media.

An Introduction to Digital Magazine Publishing

A brief glance at the evolution of digital magazine publishing

What’s there to say about the digital publishing industry? It’s been booming as of late, when prior, it had been lifeless.

Although digital publishing has been around since the 1990s, it had never reached any desirable level of success. Digital publishers were historically offering some amount of content for download in the form of PDFs…but there wasn’t anything very interesting about them. And there wasn’t a good method for consuming this content. Whereas print magazines were portable and collectable, digital editions had to be printed or accessed on laptops to be portable. The return didn’t justify the investment in time and effort for most consumers.

Mequoda Tops 30,000 in January

3 best practices for increasing website traffic

January 2012 has been a record setting month for Mequoda Daily.

As a small B2B company, it can be hard to reach specific milestones since most are resourced at a smaller level. However, this past month has yielded more significant results than usual, and it is due to some slight changes that many can implement easily.

The Opportunity to Ask Experts Tough Questions on Digital Magazine Publishing

Mequoda Alumni, what are your most memorable parts of past Summits?

It’s hard to choose the most memorable moment from past Mequoda Summits; there are just too many options to pick from.

Like, for instance, at the Mequoda Summit East 2011, when we debuted the video of our Digital Native Survey. All attendees were present, and they seemed to find great interest in our findings.

Week in Review: January 30th, 2012 – February 3rd, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics Free Report Released

Download your free copy of Digital Magazine Publishing Strategy Basics: Digital Magazine Publishing Tips and Expectations for the Digital Publishing Revolution now