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Tag: digital natives

Sell More Magazine Subscriptions Online Using the Mequoda Method

At Mequoda, we’ve crunched the numbers and discovered how beautifully email newsletters work to drive revenue. It’s not the traffic that comes to your site, which is the prevailing view among folks in all industries who jumped on the bandwagon early. Back in those days, it was all about impressions! Eyeballs on your page! After all, if they show up on your website, they’re bound to subscribe to your magazine, right?


Should You Publish a Magazine in Print? Digital? Or Both?

At a recent networking event amongst publishers, the owner of a publication for teen health asked a Mequoda team member if it was worth launching a print magazine to go with her ad-driven online presence. She already had other print publications, but this niche, teen health, geared towards a younger generation—would it be too passe’?

The short answer is that we’ve seen it work, but testing is worth the investment. One of our clients launched a new print magazine from their popular online portal last year and is now generating thousands of new subscribers every month.

The Marketing that Won the Presidential Race Can Win Back Magazine Subscribers

Multiplatform magazine subscribers are looking for more from you. “Let’s make magazines great again,” shall we?
Last week, after over a year of grueling controversy and debate, the US named Donald Trump as President-elect. While half the country was caught scratching their heads, and the other half applauding, Fortune wrote an article about how good marketing got

What is a Mequoda Multiplatform Media Matrix?

Get your ducks in a row and plan your multiplatform publishing future
If you’ve considered selling your publication, the market is saying they will not value a publication at all if they are not at least on the road to multiplatform publishing – so if your organization is not on this path, then there may be

Reflow-Plus Digital Magazine: Easy on the Eyes

Mequoda is big into identifying and quantifying things so we can study them, understand them and use them to enhance our clients’ publishing businesses. And with digital publishing starting to settle down a bit (but just a bit), we’ve identified four models of a digital magazine.

Why You Should Focus on Building Digital Magazine Habits With Your Subscribers

Once print habits are gone, the magazine industry will rely on a new breed of digital magazine habits that you’re responsible for creating

Once pundits started waving the “print is dead” flags, the decline began. It was almost like the media was trying to coerce consumer habits, rather than predict the future. Print is not booming,

How to Update a Magazine Editor Job Description for Multiplatform Publishing

Write an online magazine editor job description like a product description for a Swiss Army knife

Can you remember life before the internet, when a personal computer was another name for a hand-held calculator? When publishing was a process that required a printing press?

If you’re old enough to remember hot type, the pica stick, and manual

Magazine Publishing Company News: Time Inc., Meredith, B2B

Is there a more historically iconic and currently intriguing magazine publishing company than Time Inc.?

We’ve watched with fascination their efforts to not only stay relevant and viable, but also to compete hard with digital natives and startups. They’re acting like a magazine publishing company who wants to do even bigger things, and thus are setting a great example for Mequoda Members.

So, what’s next for them?

Digital Magazine Editions Now Account for Quarter of Circulation

For online publishers and visitors to our Free Advice blog, it might seem like digital magazine editions dominate the industry, because they’re all you care about and all we write about. But believe it or not, they’re not quite there yet.

But digital magazine editions are getting there. Quickly. Strong print publications are transitioning to a multiplatform model, while others are going digital-only. As still others fold, more and more popping up as digital natives.

MinOnline is on it as always, with an article on BPA Worldwide’s recent report on market share, as well another on arguably the most important hire of the year and one more on Hearst’s evolving approach to audience development.

Online Ad Revenue Experiences Unprecedented Growth

For some digital magazines, the effort to generate online ad revenue can evoke a verse from Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: “Water, water everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink.”

Here’s the thing: The money is there to be had. Marketers are ready to spend — are spending as we speak — across desktop and mobile. On sites, apps, and social media channels.

But if you don’t have the right infrastructure, content distribution strategy, audience development, and magazine business model in place, it’s like stepping inside one of those old game-show cash chambers with your hands tied behind your back.

Advice for Digital Media Publishers: Top Stories, Tags, and News From DMSUSA15

Digital media publishers and executives move at a pace months ahead of others in many professions.

Whether it’s on a practical level with editorial calendars planned months in advance or with efforts to continually anticipate industry trends, digital magazines must be vigilant. The reward for reacting and responding? If you play your cards right, increased audience. And if you convert that audience, increased revenue.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. We have to first recognize the trends to react and respond to. The Media Briefing helps us all out in that regard. Let’s take a look at some of their recent coverage to start out the week!

Will Apple News Serve as Solid Content Distribution Platform for Publishers?

There’s no such thing as an excess of content distribution platform outlets – the more the merrier, as far as Mequoda Members are concerned. But Apple Newsstand certainly had its fair share of detractors despite the visibility and content monetization it could provide digital publishers during its better moments. Now phased out, it gives way to the highly anticipated Apple News – which officially goes live today – a publisher app that will operate much differently and comes with its own criticisms … as well as upside.

What are publishers doing to maximize that potential? Digiday, always on top of it, reports on the plans of several legacies and digital natives, while also covering some concerns.

Is Digital Advertising a Bust? 6 Ways to Fight Conventional Wisdom

Over the past few years, publishers have been wringing their hands over the failure of digital advertising to come to their rescue as print advertising revenues continued to evaporate. You had to look hard to find the occasional glimmer of hope.

What is Tablet Publishing and How Is it Affecting Magazines?

Digital magazines come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend web magazines, because they adapts to any device, even tablets. But a digital magazine app is most native to tablet publishing because every tablet comes with a digital newsstand of some type; a place where the user can plop down on the couch, find a magazine they like, download an issue, and read it.

Ideally, they’re flicking through the pages, as opposed to flipping through a print magazine. The experience is similar, although nobody goes around creating catchy t-shirt sayings with “I love the smell of old tablet magazines” printed on the front.

How Millennials Would Like Your Digital Replica Upgraded

Generation Y, the millennials, were born in a hugely broad span of time for a “generation,” which is between 1977 and 2001.

Depending on the pundits you read, those years may be slightly closer together. What defines a millennial is their access to technology for most of their lives. At Mequoda we consider Digital Natives those who were born with technology present for their whole lives, as men and women who had personal computers for as long as they can remember.

This, again, is a much smaller span of time than the huge 1977 – 2001 generation, but the general princliple of a millennial is that they’re not new to technology, they all have email addresses, know how to use the Internet, and technology has been present for more than half their lives.

20 Tablet Publishing Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you own a tablet that you use often, is it hard to imagine what life was like before it? I have friends who use their tablets to cook every dinner with, or spend several hours with it at night, reading books and magazines. Consumers aren’t as attached at the hip to tablets as they are to their smartphones, and maybe they never will be, but as their larger phablet brothers come into the market, it’s possible the line won’t be so clear anymore between tablet and smartphone.

How to Turn a Print Strategy into a Digital Publishing Strategy and Survive the Future

A print magazine looks, smells and feels good in your hands. When we asked digital natives why they might prefer paper over a digital magazine in a study a few years ago, that was their answer. Back in 2011 when we conducted that study, only 22% of our respondents said they subscribe to digital magazines. About 50% said they subscribed to print.

In the same year, Jann Wenner, co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone notoriously declared that digital magazines were the future, but not for a while.

Who Are Tablet Users? Statistics and an Introduction to Your Digital Magazine Readers

Knowing your audience is vital to all writers, editors, and publishers. Staying ahead of market research is the first step in finding out who your readers are and what they want. The next, and most important, step is taking the information you’ve gathered and using it to target your readers by highlighting their interests.

The Four Foundational Multiplatform Building Blocks

Mequoda Multiplatform Publishers build profitable Mequoda Pyramids with a Mequoda Matrix as their guide and a Mequoda Portal as their foundation…
Over the past several weeks, we’ve rolled out a foundation of what we consider the most essential building blocks of a multiplatform publishing system. We believe that by using these building blocks, any publisher can

Top Digital Magazines by Percentage of Total Circulation

Last Tuesday we took a look at the 25 top magazines by digital circulation, according to data released by AAM for the period July-December 2013. That was a fun time, with several surprises.

Plain old Reader’s Digest turns out to have an awesome tablet magazine and leads all magazines in digital circulation. Unheralded American Media Inc., with its humble gossip magazines, OK! and Star, and its fitness magazines competing in a huge niche, Shape and Men’s Fitness, had as many representatives in the Top 25 as media titan Condé Nast.

The State of Digital Publishing: Digital Natives Still Struggling

Digital publishing is booming for both digital natives and digital retreads (as Don calls legacy publishers). But there’s still work to do, and thank goodness for that because Mequoda still has much to teach!

Why Millennials Love the Men’s Health Digital Magazine

It’s always a good time when a woman gets to read a men’s magazine as part of her job.

I swear I was researching whether Men’s Health advertises their digital edition on their website when I got sidetracked by the “100 Hottest Women of All Time” feature – I just had to know what millennials know or care about anyone not currently starring in primetime TV or the latest action movie.

(Quite a lot, it turns out: silent star Clara Bow, 1950s glam Hollywood hottie Rita Hayworth and a dancer I never even heard of from the 1930s were all included, right along with all the usual supermodels and Hottie #1 Jennifer Aniston. Color me surprised!)

Digital Native Survey – Print Reading Habits [Video]

Through statistics and careful observation, it’s clear to see that the tablet industry is growing. Hundreds of millions of tablets are predicted to sell in the coming years, and because of this growth, magazine publishers have more of an opportunity to create digital products that appeal to tablet users.

Digital natives are certainly an important demographic in this scenario. They have grown up with technology and turn to it in many aspects of their lives, from interacting with their friends and family to consuming media.

3 Ways Apps Can Help Digital Publishers

Most app producers will not make money off their product. In fact, 80% of respondents in App Promo’s First Annual Developer Survey said that they don’t generate enough revenue to support a standalone business.

However, publishers who have other products and revenue streams may be able to leverage their existing audience into engaging with their app.

Week in Review: April 30th, 2012 – May 4th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

3 Things You Should Know About Digital Natives

Did you grow up with technology readily available? If so, you probably couldn’t imagine without it.

If you grew up without the ability to be constantly connected, then it might be hard to comprehend it. After all, it is a significantly different world.

Analyzing Media Habits of Digital Natives

The Digital Publishing Bootcamp will provide an exclusive look at survey results from digital natives

Positioning your business to satisfy the media consumption habits of digital natives – those born after 1980 – is critical to sustaining success.

And regardless of the technological adoption that has taken place with many digital immigrants, digital natives are still a very unique group of content consumers and customers.

Concerning the Media Habits of Your Audience…

How does your audience prefer to consume content?

Some digital publishers have it all figured out. They know their audience, it’s been the same for decades, and although some have taken to social media, not too much else has changed.

Does that scenario look familiar to you? Or does it look completely foreign?

Week in Review: January 9th, 2012 – January 13th, 2012

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Subscriptions of Value to Digital Natives

In a time when publishers have a lot of opportunity to build their subscriber file, it’s worth knowing what their audience deems valuable.

If Digital Natives are in your target audience, our Digital Native Survey shares a lot of information on the media consumption habits of Digital Natives.

The Digital Native Survey [Full Video]

Discover the media habits of digital natives uncovered by our Digital Native Survey

The Digital Native Survey was created to help publishers get a better understanding of the media consumption habits of digital natives. It’s important to adequately serve this demographic as they are very engaged with the digital landscape.

The Digital Native Survey took into account the responses of 50 people between the ages of 24 and 30; Nine volunteered to be interviewed on camera.

Digital Native Survey – Video Watching Habits [Video]

The Internet has changed how media is consumed. This is especially true for Digital Native – people who have grown up with the Internet in their lives.

How do the habits of Digital Natives affect media companies? Our Digital Native Survey was designed to highlight the activities of digital natives so online publishers can get a better understanding of this key demographic.

Digital Native Survey – Web Usage Habits [Video]

This segment from the Digital Native Survey reinforces the power of the Internet

How many hours do you spend on the Internet each day? This is the question asked to our Digital Native respondents in the following video.

Obviously, someone’s profession plays part in this answer. For online publishers, content marketers, online editors and social media marketers, the Internet is their virtual office. Entire working days are spent online; interacting and discovering relevant information for running an online business.

Digital Native Survey – News Consumption Habits [Video]

This clip from our Digital Native Survey incorporates answers to two questions about consuming information and communicating. The first question is: “How do you get your news the most?”

It’s interesting to see how many Digital Natives turn to the Internet for their news, instead of watching it on TV. According to the results, it seems that apps are a popular destination with Digital Natives for consuming news as well.

The next question addressed is: “How do you prefer to communicate with your friends?”

Digital Native Survey – Sharing Habits, Friend Influence and Knowledge Outreach [Video]

This clip from the Digital Native Survey focuses on the aspect of sharing and discovering content. It asks the participants these four questions:

Digital Native Survey – What Would You Unsubscribe From First? [Video]

This segment of our Digital Native Survey features questions that publishers have been wondering ever since multiple subscription platforms have become popular.

In this clip from the Digital Native Survey, you will learn the answers to these pressing questions:

“So you love a brand. How do you subscribe to them?”

Digital Native Survey – Print Subscription Habits

Our Digital Native Survey highlights the important information that affects the habits of publishers and online business owners.

Have you ever wondered if your media brand is set up to address the way Digital Natives interact with your brand? Digital Immigrants are facing issues of uncertainty as the Internet, and how Digital Natives use it, is continuously evolving.

An Introduction to the Digital Native Survey

The Digital Native Survey was designed to show how digital natives interact with media and the Internet. The insights are especially helpful to digital immigrants, many of whom operate online businesses and are making the transition to digital.

The following clip shows the digital natives discussing their online subscription habits and their social media usage. What percentage of digital natives use Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to e-newsletters? The findings may surprise you…

Week in Review: October 17th, 2011 – October 21th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Survey Results: Digital Natives Definition & 3 Surprising Subscription Habits

Are you wasting time with email marketing? 50% of Digital Natives might say yes

If you’ve been following the Occupy Wall Street protests, you might be shaking in your boots about the future generation of consumers—do they expect everything for free? Surely they can’t expect jobs if they want everyone to work for free, can they? Thankfully you’re likely already giving away plenty of free, valuable, information on your website—right?

Well, have you been wondering how the next giant generation of consumers—those mysterious”digital natives”—prefer to subscribe to your free content online? When we asked a few non-digital natives in an informal survey, they pretty much told us that the current generation of twenty-somethings are a bunch of social media-crazed web-niacs that don’t even use email anymore.

Last Chance to Register for Mequoda Summit East 2011

Reserve your place at the Mequoda Summit East 2011 now or miss out of three and a half days of best practices, case studies and successful strategies for online publishing and content marketing

It’s beginning to feel like fall in New England, which means two things: the leaves are about to change, and it’s time for the Mequoda Summit East 2011.

There is genuinely a correlation between the two. The colorful leaves signal a change in season and the Mequoda Summit East 2011 will address change that is taking place in the online publishing industry.

Mequoda Summit East 2011: Last Chance to Save

Early bird pricing for the Mequoda Summit East 2011 expires on July 31st

Register now for the Mequoda Summit East 2011 and receive the lowest price available

Dear Publishing Professional,

It is that time again to start considering your place at the Mequoda Summit East 2011. If you want to join an intimate group of knowledgeable online publishers so you can begin adopting best practices that have led to success.

Keeping Up with Accelerating Digital Change

Discover how to prepare for the digital future

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed how HTML5 would drastically change online media going forward. And honestly, I believe yesterday’s article was the first time many online publishers even considered HTML5 and the ramifications of not utilizing it in future website design.

Frankly, with all the changes that take place, I can easily understand how even the most successful, professional individuals can let valuable information slip past them.

The Mequoda Digital Native Documentary Project

Learn how to adapt so you can accommodate digital natives when you attend the Mequoda Summit East 2011

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I discussed the plight of digital immigrants, and how all media companies need to truly understand the activities of digital natives.

After all, it’s these individuals who buy our products and use technology to share what they’ve grown to love. These digital natives also hold the key to the future, as one day they will be leading organizations through executive positions.

Dealing with Change is Necessary for Digital Immigrants

Without understanding and interacting with digital natives, digital immigrants may never truly ‘get it’

By the time I was 21 years old, I had already lived in 21 places.

On my 21st birthday, I was living onboard the USS Enterprise, which was based in Subic Bay, in the Philippines. By day I was a nuclear engineer running electrical systems for the ship, and by night I was a reporter and producer for the Armed Forces Network.

Online Publishing Today vs. Tomorrow

Ten years ago in online publishing, a magazine was sold over the phone, through magazine clubs, through the mail and on the newsstands. Today, a majority of magazine subscriptions are being sold online. So how did this transition happen?

I’m currently reading Grown Up Digital, a book by Don Tapscott, which was inspired by a $4 million research project and will become our owninspiration for our upcoming video research study on Digital Natives vs. Digital immigrants.

Early Bird Reservation

Dear Mequoda Daily Subscriber,

On June 15th we will be mailing a special early bird invitation to our Mequoda Summit East 2011 via the traditional post.

In order to receive yours, we need your most recent postal address, as this is where we’ll be sending your invitation:

Mequoda Summit East 2011 Preview

A glimpse at all our interactive sessions from September’s upcoming Summit in Boston

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, I provided highlights from a recent conversation with Bryan Welch, publisher and editorial director at Ogden Publishing, and mentioned how he will be a Keynote Presenter at our upcoming Mequoda Summit East 2011.

As an introduction to the four-day intensive, I wanted to provide you with a complete rundown of all the programming for this Boston event. Since more hands-on, actionable sessions are what our past attendees have asked for, we have included this content into the Mequoda Summit East 2011.

Week in Review: April 4th, 2011 – April 8th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Digital Natives vs. Online Publishers and What We Can Learn From Each Other

How online publishers can leverage the smarts from our digital native children to build better businesses

“Online publishing” may be new(ish) to the publishing industry, but for a lot of new online publishers, it’s all they’ve ever known.

Some of our largest competitors online have never sent a direct mail package and will probably never print a magazine or newsletter.

We call these new publishers digital natives because they started their businesses in the digital format. In fact, we use this same term to refer to our children who know wikipedia like the back of their hands, and refer to encyclopedias as dusty outdated books in a library.

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