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Tag: digital product development

How to Simplify Digital Product Development and Save Money at the Same Time

In his bestseller, “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes 10,000 hours, or approximately ten years, so become an expert at something. That means there are very few digital product development experts out there in the universe, even in the publishing world. Let’s consider some of the digital products we interface with regularly today.

The Value of Making New Technology Part of Your Everyday

Making new technology part of your everyday

Rachel Yeomans, marketing director of social media for Astek—and the person who helps us run our Wednesday noon (Eastern) Twitter Chats (today’s topic: SEO)—is a great study in “what’s happening now.” In one of her recent posts on the Astek blog, she went through her daily routine—and this was not your grandmother’s, or even father’s, or even older sister’s routine. But it is very much worth taking note:

Are You One of the “Digitally Enlightened” Online Publishers?

Have you brought your online publishing business to terms with the fact that you are not alone in this digital ecosystem?
Have you also pondered whether everyone else is adapting more easily than you are?

You’ve Got Online Publishing Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

A sneak peak at some Q&A from the Mequoda Pro forum on search engine optimization and digital product development.

“Ask questions and receive detailed answers from Don Nicholas and the Mequoda Pro Research Team.”

That’s one of the big promises we made when we launched our online training library, Mequoda Pro membership earlier this year.

We don’t

Watch All of Our Webinars On-Demand… Right Now!

Webinars now available on-demand in Mequoda Pro, our training library for online publishers and marketers

Are All the Mequoda Best Practice Guidelines Written Down Somewhere?

A frank and earnest question from a respected colleague challenges us to create a new online document
Introducing the Mequoda Best Practice Guidelines, soon available to all Mequoda Summit 2009 attendees, Mequoda Pro Members and Mequoda Consulting Clients

Develop a Happier, More Productive, and More Profitable Online Business Team

Grooming and training your online business team to encourage great ideas and follow through with new digital product development

More on the Mequoda Manifesto…

All information products will be digital by the year 2025.
Warning: Your staff will need to acquire new skills to create these new digital products

99% of all Information Products will be Digital by the Year 2025

Seven reasons why all your new information products should be digital
It’s imperative that you begin now to create the digital products that will eventually replace your physical products

Publishing Industry Research Company Announces Date and Location for their next Online Publishing and Internet Marketing Conference

Bristol, RI – June 11, 2009- For the sixth year in a row, the world’s most prestigious publishers and information marketers will come together in Boston for the Mequoda Group’s 2-day Mequoda Summit on October 7-9th, 2009

Get Ready for the Mequoda Summit in Boston!

When the Mequoda Summit returns to Boston October 7-9, 2009, it will surely be a sellout. Don’t miss this opportunity to reserve your seat at the guaranteed lowest price.

Join Me in Munich and London

Online publishers now have an opportunity to monetize an international audience.

Digital products that can be downloaded from your website are only the beginning. If you conduct live events, you should also consider the potential of your overseas customers.