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Tag: editorial research

Tips on Integrating Editorial with Social Media

Integrating Social Media With Your Editorial

Back at the SIPA UK Conference in the summer—yes, think warm temperatures and lots of daylight—Sona Hathi of Melcrum and Mark Johnson of The Economist Group presented an excellent session on Practical Social Media: Integrating With Your Editorial. This is something that I know we deal with here at SIPA every day. Okay, the daily article has gone out, but have we tweeted about it? Which articles should be posted on LinkedIn? How much, if any, of the Hotline newsletter should be given to non-members through those channels. Are we being creative enough in what we do?

Johnson wrote that at The Economist,“Our involvement goes beyond simply running high-profile ‘brand’ accounts: on Twitter, for example, we also run separate subject-focused accounts for each of our magazine’s ten sections. Responsibility for [our social media] strategy is shared between marketing teams and editorial staffers. Our efforts to date have garnered a total audience of around 800,000 followers on Facebook and 1.2m followers on Twitter.”