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Tag: electronic publishing

Mobile Magazine Publishing Demands Data, Tech Chops

The promise of mobile magazine publishing is no mirage — it’s just not so easy to achieve in the midst of viewability, targeting, and tech issues. Monetizing mobile is the Holy Grail for digital magazines looking to expand and solidify their digital business.

But there are many questions. Mobile app or mobile web? Handle tech in house or hire vendors? Which cross-device analytics to focus on? Which software and code to use?

Publishing Executive covers at least a couple of those questions in recent articles. Let’s start the week by taking a look at the answers they came up with!

Free Advice and Solutions From Colleagues

Online Forums Foster Advice and Solution

The SIPA online editorial forum has been active lately, and that means valuable information. The last question posed was: how do you best test a managing editor for a full-time position? Do you give a writing test and a Myers-Briggs type of test?

To backtrack a second, SIPA has online forums covering the following interest areas: marketing (the most popular), editorial, information technology (IT), conferences, fulfillment/operations, electronic publishing, and large publishers. You can sign up for them here. The solutions, suggestions and experienced opinions that are offered on these forums are—as they say today—priceless. For example, three interesting and different takes quickly came from some well-credentialed members.

On e-books, Kindle, Amazon and Your Bottom Line

e-books Milestone Ignites Lively SIPA Forum Chat

An interesting discussion took place recently on the SIPA online marketing forum. (This is one of the top member benefits.) It began when someone posted the item about reaching a new milestone, selling more e-books than hardbacks over the past three months.

“I mean, downloaded books didn’t just pass hardcover books; they blew them away in the last month!” the person wrote.

Week In Review: August 2nd, 2010 – August 6th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Sunny Things Happen on the Way to the Forums

Price Points, Loyalists and Renewals: SIPA Online Forum Leads by Examples

“How are publishers REALLY helping long-time subscribers who genuinely have no budget?”

This was a question posted a couple months ago to the SIPA Online Marketing Forum, one of seven forums that SIPA members can access through the Website. The others are Editorial, Information Technology (IT), Conferences, Fulfillment/Operations, Electronic Publishing and Large Publishers.

These forums provide incredible benefits for SIPA members. That above message was posted at 12:23 p.m. on a Monday afternoon—along with this example:

Voila! Online Forums Can Save Your Days!

SIPA Online Forums Give Members the Chance to Ask, Learn and Get Together

More good discussions from the SIPA online forums.

On reminding subscribers of their purchase
Since [our subscription is] a relatively high-priced product, we send a genuine leather binder with info they can use—by priority mail. This has enough value and is embossed with our Website, so that it sits on their desks. We started sending postcards to subscribers featuring some of our content (usually cartoons) and, since the industry is so small, occasionally place a call to ask what they’re using.

An Audience of Experts Awaits You…

On the Growing SIPA Listserves

Here’s your quiz for today: Where did we find the following four very interesting discussion fragments?

on pop-ups
I’m particularly fond of the delayed pop-ups lately. They allow people to have a look-see and make sure they’re in the right place and interested in the content before we promote to them. I think this makes for a better user experience. Or at least I tell myself that.

Amazon’s Kindle, a wireless reading device, is sure to catch fire with early adopters.

But how will Kindle arouse long-term consumer interest when the Sony Reader hasn’t? The answer is in the online publishing strategy of the major news media.

On Monday (Nov. 19, 2007) introduced Amazon Kindle, a portable reader that wirelessly downloads books, blogs, magazines and newspapers to a crisp, high-resolution electronic paper display that looks and reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.

WSJ Membership Website Case Study

Skillful Leveraging of Brand, Strategic Site Design and Continuous Attention to the Balance of Traffic to Gated Content Has Contributed to the Market-Leading Position Currently Enjoyed by The Wall Street Journal Website Design Review

Reviewing, the “largest paid subscription news site on the Web,” feels a little like the being the kid in the children’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In the story, the proud Emperor had fallen for a sly tailor’s flattery. He was sold imaginary fabric: fabric that was so soft you couldn’t feel it, so fine you couldn’t see it.

Interview: Chris Parker, Co-Publisher of an Online Newsletter for Innkeepers

Interview with Chris Parkin, co-publisher of an online newsletter for innkeepers and others in the hospitality industry. He began as an apprentice in the Savoy in London, and 36 years later has his own country inn—plus a subscription website directed to helping others run a successful bed and breakfast.