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Tag: email advertising

Twitter’s Nearby Feature Could Be a Great Audience Development Tool

Twitter recently debuted a new feature called Nearby. It lets users see what people have tweeted in their local vicinity. This functionality opens up the possibility for businesses to promote tweets to people that are around their location.

Chicago Magazine Turns Email Subscribers into VIPs

Make your email promotions sound exclusive and your readers won’t mind receiving them
Chicago Magazine caters to the upper crust crowd of Chicagoans. The average print subscriber is a female, aged 25-54, a college graduate in a managerial position with a household income of $255k and a net worth of $1,518,800. She also owns a house in Chicago worth around $548k. Online subscribers are similar, but slightly less affluent ($112k median household income) and are slightly more likely to be male (53%) than female (47%).

Want to Increase Sign-ups for Your Membership Website?

How to use paid and earned media to build your membership website

Most publishers continue to rely on paid media to generate traffic for their membership website. For good reason – paid media works. And it’s often easier to buy website traffic than to rely on earned media.

Basic paid media sources for building your membership website:

Two Reasons Why Advertisers Prefer Email Advertising

How to sell online advertising and get a higher CPM advertising in your email newsletters

Using Paid Media to Build Email Circulation

Paid media programs balance your Internet marketing system

While patience is a required virtue for earned media programs, paid media programs offer the Mequoda Marketing System operator the opportunity for quick results with a reasonable ROI (return on investment). Each of these programs involves finding and buying traffic by spending money to buy advertising, leads or lists.