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Tag: email centric

Email: The Single Most Important Audience Development Tool

Every successful niche publisher we know uses email as the central resource of their audience development toolbox

As you know, our clients are some of the most incredible before/after examples of niche publishers who have turned their businesses around when they went multiplatform. And there’s not a single Mequoda client without email as the core of

SIPA Member Profile: Pines Manages His Business and His Lists

How did you get into this field?

Mitch [Eisen, the CTO,] and I met on our first jobs after college. Then about 6 or 7 years later in 1999 we were both between things and he called me to see if we wanted to do something together around the Internet. Our first product was not email-centric; it was an online contest using a TV station’s programming. It was called The Prediction Machine. (We may be dusting it off now.)…After a while, it was hard selling it though—kind of a one off. So in about 2000-2001, we had a 2-day meeting to find something else. We had been sending emails out twice a week for this and decided to try to expand on that.

15 Idea-Driven Articles About Email Newsletter Marketing

Create email newsletters that rock, with these 15 email newsletter marketing articles and 4 free white papers

How many blogs do you read per day? I often find myself reading only the articles with the catchiest headlines that I see on Twitter or in my email inbox. I have an RSS feed too, so sometimes when I’m waiting for a plane, or say, in line for a hotdog, I’ll break out the RSS reader on my phone.

The point is that with my valuable spare time, I’m consuming, at most, 10 articles per day and I consider myself a stallion for even being able to digest that much.

At the Mequoda Daily, we post at least three articles per day, creating about 780 articles per year. That’s 30% of my yearly article consumption. And these aren’t news articles or quick-tip articles. Many of our articles are in-depth best-practice pieces that may have taken hours, weeks or years to take from concept to completion.

Offer a Variety of Email Newsletters

Multiple email newsletters can improve retention rates

One of the four principles of Mequoda is being email centric. Really it’s about being subscriber-centric rather than just being defined by email. If you create an online community where subscribers feel safe and comfortable — where they can enjoy the quality of information, instruction, encouragement or other nurturing that your email newsletter provides — your popularity will soar. And so will your sales.

Managing Digital Media Transformation

Know how to transition your company when times change

Clay Hall Shares Digital Media Strategy for 2010

Thoughts and strategies on the future of online publishing

Digital Luminaries Gather in Napa

Mequoda Summit, and Its Attendees, Prepare to Shine

Lessons from Mequoda Hall of Fame Winners 2009

Two online publishers are added to the Mequoda Hall of Fame, recognizing their achievement in the advancement of successful online publishing and marketing best practices

Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston: Email Newsletter Marketing

Don Nicholas tells publishers that email newsletters are the new newspapers Wins First Annual Mequoda Rocket Award!

Phillip Charles-Pierre of Guideposts accepts the first annual Mequoda Rocket Award

Wall Street Journal Media Pyramid Case Study

Does this legacy publisher translate from print to online?
With so many newspapers going out of business, how has the Wall Street Journal not only survived but thrived?

Meet a B2B Multi-Platform Content Rock Star

Effective digital media strategy means building a multi-platform content Mequoda Media Pyramid is a Mequoda “best practice” multiplatform publisher, and its creator, Bob Brady, has been setting a standard for excellence and innovation since before we coined the term “Mequoda.”

Does Your Site Meet These 4 Online Publishing Criteria?

What it means to be content-driven, Google-friendly, email-centric and profit-minded.

What are the characteristics that publishers and marketers should think about when designing their online business? In our view of the online world, there are four primary traits that all successful online publishers have in common.

What is a “Mequoda Website”?


You talk about “Mequoda websites” being content-driven, Google-friendly, email-centic and profit-minded. Can you explain in more detail what this means?


Why Google Loves Internet Hubs

How Google chooses to rank sites on broad phrases like “investing advice”.

Mequoda Summit Boston 2008 Coverage: 4 Keys to a Best-Practice Website

Being content-driven, google-friendly, email-centric and profit-minded makes for a best-practice website

Profiting in the New Publishing Environment

Join Don and Kim at the SiPA conference in DC and learn all the latest trends and best practices in this new publishing environment

A Gathering of Minds

Attend SIPA’s June conference and take home practical methods to make your company more profitable.

SIPA’s 31st Annual International Newsletter and Specialized Information Conference is set to be three days of discussing the most powerful industry trends and best practices. It is being held from June 3 to June 5 in Washington, DC, and will feature more than 45 sessions and 56 roundtable discussions on the latest online publishing and newsletter information.