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Tag: email marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that utilizes email to sell products. Email marketing is the most relevant form of marketing online as email usage has become habitual for the majority of adult Internet users in the US.

New Job: Senior E-Marketing Manager

Renowned provider of worldwide consumer and professional health information located in Stamford, CT is seeking a Senior E-Marketing Manager to be responsible for generating sales through electronic marketing and web e-commerce.

Job Descriptions for Managers – 6 Online Publishing Jobs

How your print publishing team translates online

13 Consumer Email Marketing Best Practices

Email copywriting best practices for effective consumer email marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing encompasses a wide range of methods including search engine marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, interactive ads and others. The nature of the Internet causes rapid and constant change in marketing, and new methods are always emerging. Internet marketers frequently combine several methods, such as email marketing and display advertising.

Email Marketing and Tracking – Increase RPM with Better Links

Does your revenue per thousand come up short while your “white web” transactions seem curiously high?

Notes and Quotes from PodCamp Boston 3

Two days of social media conferencing, 340+ attendees, and a whole lot of Twittering going on.

Increase Email Revenue by Using Service Journalism

How to sell products while maintaining the honesty and tactical transparency required to preserve a trusting audience

Focus and Diversify to Succeed Online

BTB Publisher Succeeds Online by Dominating FDA Niche

SiPA Coverage: Write Better Subject Lines!

Bob Bly shares his tips for writing subject lines that get your email opened and read at SiPA’s 32nd Annual International Newsletter & Specialized-Information Conference

Preview Pane Best Practices

8 best practices for effective email marketing in a preview-pane world

OptionsHouse seeks experienced Email Marketing Manager

PEAK6 Investments, LP was founded in 1997 and is headquartered on the original Chicago Board of Trade trading floor. PEAK6 Capital Management LLC, an affiliated market making and proprietary trading firm, is a provider of liquidity and risk management to the options market having traded 35 million option contracts and 2.1 billion shares in 2006.

Mequoda Daily’s Favorite Blogs, Tools and Research of 2007

2007 was a great year for online publishing, and the digital world in general. Here are our favorite bits and pieces.

In light of the new year, we thought we’d give an ode to the Mequoda Daily works and research of 2007. It’s been a long year for Mequoda, with one very exciting Mequoda Summit, half a dozen webinars and seminars, new books, and TONS of new research.

It’s also been a great year for helpful online tools, so to start off, we’d like to recap on some of the wonderful tools we’ve discovered and have written an article or two about.

Email Marketing with Video

Clever marketers are combining their tools to offer stronger email marketing campaigns

Ready for an online marketing mash-up? Try video email marketing, a new strategy attempted by only the most daring marketers.

Video email marketing combines three online marketing disciplines: email marketing, landing page design and promotional online video. Each have their own best practices and undefined grey areas, and their combination provides an alluring challenge.

Get Better Email Marketing Campaigns

These benchmarks will reveal where your emails have to be tweaked

The metrics for email marketing make the platform very measurable and adjustable, but without benchmarks how will you know what adjustments to make?

To measure a campaign without benchmarks is to guess at its effectiveness—and blind guesses rarely make money.

Marketing research firm Jupiter Research gives the following industry averages for generic e-mails, via DMNews:

Wanted: Director of Internet Marketing

Online Publishing Jobs

Strategic Profits is looking for a Director of Marketing to take responsibility for this rambunctious group, help them grow, and continue getting the outstanding results we are used to.

We are looking for someone that can handle acquisition and retention marketing efforts designed to drive website traffic and sales. These include paid and natural search, affiliate programs, partnership marketing/content integration programs, email marketing acquisition, and retention programs.

5 Bad Email Marketing Tactics

A report shows 5 tactics are commonly executed and commonly fail

A mantra that remains true across email marketing and direct mail is “the money is in the list.”

Email marketers are always trying to grow their list, but a recent study shows that many of them are planning to use tactics that others in the industry say show little results.

Silverpop’s “2006 Email List Growth Survey” asked 321 companies what methods they planned to use to grow their list and which were most successful.

New Online Advertising Breakthrough

Is this new system heaven for publishers or hell for users?

Advertising online is an unsettled business. New ways to spread your name online and monetize your website traffic are still emerging.

Online advertising systems developer Kontera has created a new form of keyword-based advertising that is embedded in publishers’ paragraphs of content.

Sandwiched by Spam: Email Newsletter Marketing Tips

Adjusting the time your emails are sent can save your customers from sifting through spammy subject lines to find your content.

Variety, the bible for show biz insiders, has provided Hollywood movers and shakers with the industry news they need for over 100 years. The company has been around the block when it comes to print publishing, but even the wisest publishers make mistakes when transitioning online.

An Ad Disguised as an Email Newsletter

Find out why your email newsletter should follow the 60/40 rule

Email newsletters are a great way to keep a company’s brand in front of its customers. Their popularity, however, has not spawned effectiveness, and many email newsletters have flawed formats.

Thankfully, the Mequoda Group has a new free email newsletter review to help publishers avoid the flaws and mimic the best practices of email newsletters by analyzing The Daily Dish, South Beach Diet Online’s email newsletter.

3 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

Use different emails to relate to your customers in different ways.

The Mequoda Group is a strong advocate for the power of email. It is cheap, easy and effective at maintaining customer relationships. However, an effective email marketing campaign cannot be initiated without a plan.

If you want to maintain customer relationships, Mequoda Pro contributing editor and Clickz email marketing columnist Jeanne Jennings has a new book, The Email Marketing Campaign, that outlines three emails that will help do it.

Supporters, Samplers and Thieves

Avoid driving away users by eliminating DRM

EMI Group, one of the recording industry’s four leaders, announced Monday that songs it sells online in Apple Inc.’s iTunes Store will no longer have share-preventing software. EMI’s songs will have better quality, a $1.29 price tag and no Digital Rights Management starting next month.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Email marketing expert Jeanne Jennings has released an authoritative handbook on her specialty.

Getting More Email Newsletters Opened

Email newsletters are not like the direct mail campaigns of old. They are based in a volatile environment where spam laws and software capabilities constantly change, and where best practice rules are still undefined. The emerging use of preview panes in email software is the latest change to that environment.

Email Marketing Strategy: Add a Press Release to your Email Newsletter

Why Harvard Health Publications includes press releases in its email marketing mix

Harvard Health Publications makes its email newsletter subscribers feel like privileged members of the fourth estate.

As part of its email marketing strategy, the publisher sends out only four email messages monthly, often mailing a modification of its press releases to the 50,000 subscribers to HEALTHbeat, its free email newsletter.

Email Marketing: An Email Audit Checklist from Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne S. Jennings in an online marketing consultant specializing in email marketing. She has developed more than 170 email publications for Reed Business Information U.S., Congressional Quarterly, KCI Communications, and numerous other companies. She publishes The Jennings Report, a free email newsletter for email marketers and also writes an ‘Email Marketing Column’ for

The Internet Hub Archetype

Mequoda views Internet Hubs as one of the most important website archetypes available to a publisher. Without a well-designed, well-marketed Internet Hub, an online publisher is forced to rely on other websites and other media to drive targeted website traffic.

Jobs in Online Publishing: Email Marketing Assistant Manager

Online Publishing Jobs

Are you looking to use your extensive experience in email marketing to make a significant impact on the growth of an email marketing channel at a leading online retailer? Socrates Media (owner of,, and several sites under development) is looking for an experienced marketer who will be recognized as our email marketing guru. This role will be filled by an ambitious individual who will provide the requisite leadership to grow our email marketing channel and improve the way we communicate with our customers. This is a great new opportunity for someone with experience in the field to take his/her career to the next level by leading a significant marketing channel and gaining new experiences from talented marketers at Socrates.

Internet Marketing Strategy: Creating a Healthy Organization

As part of your Internet marketing strategy, do you give your new customers a warm welcoming email when they subscribe to your email newsletter or buy an information product?

Some years ago, my wife worked with an Organizational Design and Development (OD) professional at AT&T.

These OD types are usually consultants to senior management who are responsible for troubleshooting systemic business problems, recommending and implementing improvements (process & organizational), facilitating team development and change management.

Getting Started With a Co-Reg Campaign

Launching a co-registration campaign is not difficult. The publisher supplies their co-registration partner with his company’s logotype (60 x 120 pixels) and about 10-20 words of concisely written web advertising copy.

Comparing Co-Registration to Pay-Per-Click

Use both as part of an effective internet marketing strategy
A client we had’s highest source of revenue (about $27 over 12 months) was from subscribers acquired through pay-per-click advertising. That’s because about a third of the subscribers acquired through pay-per-click purchased on their first visit to the publisher’s website.

America’s Test Kitchen Mequoda Case Study

How America’s Test Kitchen’s Revenues have Grown from About $15 million to an Estimated $46 million in Just Five Years… Shouldn’t you be Using the Same Strategy for Selling your Information Products on the Internet? Doesn’t your Job Depend on it?

Chris Kimball, CEO of Boston Common Press, is master of what we now call multiplatform publishing. Chris has gone from a publishing a single cooking magazine, Cook’s Illustrated to a growing media empire that spans books, another print magazine, books, membership websites, a TV Show on PBS, email newsletters and DVDs.

HBSP Virtual Seminar Product Marketing Website Case Study

When the blowout of the U.S. economy a few years ago resulted in a decline in business travel, which was further affected by a general fear of travel triggered by 9/11, Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) sought a way to reach its audience with material that it would otherwise present in a traditional, in-person conference setting. Thus began the Harvard Business School Publishing Virtual Seminar, a continuing series of interactive presentations, featuring pre-eminent speakers, on timely business management topics. And, according to Eric McNulty, Managing Director of Conferences at HBSP, the seminars have turned a profit since the very first one launched in July 2002.

Mequoda Applauds AOL and Yahoo! Premium Email Delivery Plan

Internet marketing professionals, users, email services providers and Internet service providers are all winners with AOL and Yahoo!’s plan to provide legitimate email senders a premium delivery email plan that guarantees their mail makes it to the inbox.

A General Manager to Drive Your Internet Marketing Strategy

What both types of CEOs have in common is the need for someone to execute their Internet marketing strategy on a day-to-day basis. Enter the Internet Marketing System General Manager and Publisher of your Mequoda Internet Hub.

PR & Earned Media 101: Isolate a newsworthy idea and tie it to a free downloadable item Internet Marketing System Review

To draw traffic to your Mequoda Internet Hub—the place where people can sign up for your free, relationship-building, email newsletter—you need a catalyst, a free item that lines up with a topic that’s endemic to the audience in terms of their interest and on which the publisher or author is a source of authority. To even consider mentioning your free item, the other journalist—the one whom you hope will pick up your news item—must be convinced that the producer or author of the giveaway is a credible provider of information. Landing Page Review

My friend Fred Gleeck, the Internet marketing guru, says that if all you do to get people to sign up for your free e-zine is have a tiny box on your main website in which they enter their email address, you are probably failing to build your e-list as rapidly and cost-effectively as you could.

Using $1.99 eBooks to Boost the Value of Your Email Marketing Database

Discover how one special interest consumer publisher uses low-priced eBooks to increase the lifetime value of his email marketing database by 59 percent.

Tax Loopholes of the Rich Landing Page Review

Mequoda guidelines outline the 12 characteristics a landing page needs to successfully close sales online. And to incorporate all 12 characteristics typically, at least for a consumer product, requires medium-to-long copy on that landing page. But should you send your traffic directly to that long-copy landing page? Or will visitors be put off by its length?

The Samsung SyncMaster 710MP Landing Page Review

The global consumer electronics company Samsung currently has a campaign running on which caught our eye at Mequoda. The animated rectangle advertisement on the top of the magazine’s homepage rotates through several products, each with its own landing page. We’ve selected the SyncMaster 710mp LCD product landing page for scrutiny. This review reveals how lack of marketing focus can hinder campaign goals. Website Design Review

ClickZ is a Formidable Online Resource for Internet Marketers—It Publishes Internet Marketing War Stories, Told in the First Person, from the People in the Trenches of the Internet Marketing and Advertising Industry

How to Launch a Successful Membership Website

What should you consider when starting a subscription-driven or membership website?

The answers are not always obvious, even to a seasoned print or electronic publisher. Starting a new website is very different from running an existing property. Over the past 10 years, my partners and I have worked on over 100 successful website startups, as well as several that were not successful.