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Tag: email marketing strategies

Freebie Friday: A Complete Guide to Increasing Website Traffic for Free

This handbook takes you from the big picture of building an audience to the minute but critical details website architecture that helps you build email lists. You’ll learn how the most successful publishers optimize entire sites for Google, from picking keywords to writing optimized content.

The Organic Audience Development Strategy Handbook

Claim your FREE digital copy of Organic Audience Development Strategy: How to Convert Website Visitors into a Profitable Email Subscriber Base now.

What Consumers are Saying about Email Marketing

Statistics dictate the need for certain changes to email marketing strategies

Email marketing is getting more important to consumer marketers. More users and looking at email content on their mobile devices and expect proper interaction within their devices.

The benefit of designing for mobile optimization is that a percentage of users are already making purchases through their devices. As more trust grows within this industry, it can be expected that the number of consumers will grow.

Email Marketing Focuses on Engagement

Email marketing advice helps put actions in perspective

I’ve been scouring the Internet for email marketing advice that focuses on the holistic approach. It’s nice to find a variety of opinions on an all-encompassing strategy for creating a database of email subscribers because it’s this information that will help publishers succeed in the digital age.

3 Email Elements for Powerful Promotions

Persuasive email marketing strategies for creating convincing email copy

A well-written email promotion typically results in new consumers, especially if you have a large, active email marketing database. When you create alignment and desire behind the wording and content you’re providing, it is so much easier to turn potential consumers into paying consumers. Below, I’ve listed three tips for writing persuasive email copy you can use in your next promo.

6 Email Traffic Builders from the Mequoda Summit West 2012

Advanced email marketing strategies displayed through case studies will have you driving more traffic and gaining more conversions

Email list building is a main thought for digital publishers. Email allows for direct, personalized, thorough content, which can lead to sales.
Our commitment to email stems from its habitual characteristics; the majority of adults online check their email daily, and the growth in the mobile device markets have led to greater accessibility.

Using Facebook to Build Your Community

A Town’s Facebook Page Builds New Community

Yesterday, I wrote about Twitter, based on a PBS NewsHour story the night before. The news is obviously good for Twitter, but there was one interesting, not-so-good fact pointed out by reporter Spencer Michaels: “One industry group says only 8% of Americans have ever used Twitter, compared to 51% for Facebook.”

So Facebook remains the social media star, but what about its potential to help with business—your business. An interesting experiment is taking place just across the Potomac River from SIPA Central in Rockville, Md., a suburb of Washington, D.C. (This is also one town over from where the U.S. Open golf tournament begins today.) On March 1, Rockville Central, a community news outlet for that town, moved its entire operation to a Facebook page.

SIPA Member Profile: Ash Builds ‘Capitol’ Investment

Phil Ash, Publisher, Capitol Information Group, Inc., Falls Church, Va.

SIPA: What was your first job out of college and how did you get into this business?
PHIL ASH: It was the recession of the early ’90s, and I simply wanted a job. So I majored in accounting and went to work for KPMG. Despite all the excitement of a 7-year accounting and finance career at KPMG, Young & Rubicam and McDonalds, I ultimately decided that direct mail was even more compelling. And as a member of the Lucky Sperm Club, I was fortunate to have a father who just so happened to own a newsletter publishing company (that’s what they were called then.)

Has there been a defining moment in your career? Perhaps when you knew you were on the right road.
Taking on the challenge of helping open a Young & Rubicam office in Ukraine was probably my greatest period of growth. I quickly learned that no business script ever plays out as intended, and success is built on lots of difficult, heat-of the moment decisions. Ultimately, I knew I was “on the right road” when I packed up my stuff and headed to the airport. But the outpost we developed continues to this day.

Where Are You Driving Your Traffic?

Point visitors to a landing page that’ll benefit you