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Tag: email newsletter design

Email Upgrade: 5 Responsive Newsletter Design Tips

To be a responsive website designer, you must know how to design a website to be viewed effectively on any platform. For example, a responsive website design would never include flash, because around 30% of the smartphone market is carrying a flash-unfriendly phone. Additionally, you find new ways to deliver pop-up ads that don’t slide off-screen, making them un-closeable on mobile devices. Or you remove them altogether when the browser detects they’re on a mobile website.

The Best Email Newsletters Stack Content: 3 Publishers Show How

For a long time we and all our clients saw a large click-rate and revenue increase when each daily email newsletter featured just one product on the right-hand side of the email, in its own column. We’ve always stuck with the belief that the featured product should be aligned with the content of the email, like the one to the right.

6 Email Newsletter Layout Elements You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Obvious email newsletter layout elements that publishers often forget to style

The reason you create white papers and special reports is to build a large and thriving email list. Since you’re putting so much effort into creating that list, it only makes sense that your email newsletter looks its best, right?

3 Resources for Better Email Publishing

Tips on email segmentation, email engagement, and email creation

What is the number one reason to segment your email marketing list? According to some older data from eMarketer, the main reason behind segmentation is to increase open rates. That data may be a few years old, but the reason is likely the same today.

Sure, the point of email marketing is to ultimately generate revenue through sales, but without opens, none of your products will get sold. The interesting thing about segmenting is the connection it has with email engagement and email creation.

9 Elements of a Customer Experience Management System

Components that help online publishers maximize customer relationships

Through the use of multiple technology partners, online publishers have the ability to organize their customer relationships. Due to its nature, a customer experience management system is as strong as the sum of its parts, which can increase the efficiency of an online business by automating numerous processes.

A customer’s experience with a company is detailed by all the individual interactions; from the actual content and products a company creates to the external communications with employees.

Discover Tips for Email Campaigns Using Videos

Are you looking to make groundbreaking changes in 2012?

An overhaul of your email newsletter could yield better results. Have you tested your email design recently or compared it to others in your market?

One major switch we made to the Mequoda Daily newsletter was going from one featured story to a six-snippet email newsletter. Doing so helps us not only keep our audience up-to-date with featured news stories, but it also shares free reports, webinars and live event information that they may be unaware of.

Services for Developing Your Email Campaigns

We offer an array of services to help you master email marketing and email newsletter creation. We realize the importance of email, which is expected to grow as mobile devices gain incredible popularity.

Email isn’t just about communication nowadays; it’s a trusted primary tool used for business transactions and the storing of valuable information – the type that people don’t necessarily want to share freely.

Managing Email System and Broadcasting

Not all email service providers (ESP) are created equal, and in order to handle massive campaigns, list segmentations, customer support and white-listing services, you need to be using a tier-one ESP.

For systems in need of a reputable ESP, and assistance with its email efforts, we have a solution.

Week in Review: November 28th, 2011 – December 2nd, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Email Newsletter Design and System Management

The email newsletter has continually evolved, just as email service providers and rules for emailing have

In the beginning, there was not a CAN SPAM Act created by the Federal Government to establish standards for commercial email.

Nowadays, as Internet users have evolved along with the web, there is a need to utilize email newsletter designs that not only comply with federal legislation, but also are attractive to the consumers.

Week in Review: October 17th, 2011 – October 21th, 2011

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Communicate with Proper Email Newsletter Design

Utilize best practices developed by careful analysis

Email has an importance and relevance seldom seen by other online activities. It’s because of this that email is used habitually by 61% of adults online each day.

Even as much of the Internet landscape has changed over the years, email has remained strong. Its popularity seems to be growing with the influx of mobile device use as well. According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, “87% of smartphone owners access the Internet or email on their handheld, including two-thirds (68%) who do so on a typical day.”

Are You Targeting the Most Popular Online Activities?

“Nearly universal” activities for adults include search and email

With all the changes that take place in the digital landscape, some activities have remained popular throughout the years, even as new technology emerges.

Not to say that new technology doesn’t excite users, but some activities have evolved to become habitual.

According to a new study from Pew Internet & American Life Project, search and email continue to be the most popular online activities with adults. Both search and email are used by 92% of adults online.

15 Idea-Driven Articles About Email Newsletter Marketing

Create email newsletters that rock, with these 15 email newsletter marketing articles and 4 free white papers

How many blogs do you read per day? I often find myself reading only the articles with the catchiest headlines that I see on Twitter or in my email inbox. I have an RSS feed too, so sometimes when I’m waiting for a plane, or say, in line for a hotdog, I’ll break out the RSS reader on my phone.

The point is that with my valuable spare time, I’m consuming, at most, 10 articles per day and I consider myself a stallion for even being able to digest that much.

At the Mequoda Daily, we post at least three articles per day, creating about 780 articles per year. That’s 30% of my yearly article consumption. And these aren’t news articles or quick-tip articles. Many of our articles are in-depth best-practice pieces that may have taken hours, weeks or years to take from concept to completion.

Three Keys for an Effective Call-to-Action in an Email Newsletter

Tips for getting a better click-through rate on editorial email newsletters

The first screen of your email newsletter, which includes the preview pane, is a big part of your email newsletter’s prime real estate. It should include an opening paragraph that draws people into the issue with reasons why they should take a minute and read it right now. It should also include many links back to the website and a featured product that will entice them to buy. Here are three tips for making your email more click-worthy.

Learn How to Increase Open Rates and Response Rates

Our Free 10 Email Newsletter Design Best Practices white paper will teach you how

Download your free digital copy of 10 Email Newsletter Design Best Practices now

An impressive email newsletter will help you retain community members while keeping the door open for product sales.

To do this, we have outlined 10 best practices and 40 additional tips for email newsletter design that will help you increase open rates, stay in contact with community members and increase email response rates.

Mequoda Daily’s Black Friday Event

No sale or excessive crowds here; but there are some free informational products to be had

A day after Thanksgiving and we are feeling the joy of the holidays here at the Mequoda Daily.

While many others are getting a jump on their holiday shopping, we are supplying some content for those of you who decided to avoid the crowds.

An Email Newsletter Best Practice

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses 40 tips for creating successful email newsletters

(Nationwide)—Publishers of email newsletters surely want their content to be read. Two of the most important components of all email correspondence is the subject line and the “from” line.

The following tips will help online publishers create the most effective email newsletters by focusing on the subject line and the “from” line. These tips include:

Email Newsletter Ad

Learn email newsletter design best practices with our 10 Email Newsletter Design Best Practices: Create Impressive Email Newsletters with 40 Email Newsletter Tips on 10 Design Best Practices.

Week In Review: June 21st, 2010 – June 25th, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week…

Strengthening Online PR Efforts with Email Newsletter Best Practices

Tips shared by Jeanne Jennings at the SIPA Conference in Washington, DC

The Time Frame and Structure for Email Credibility

The final part to maintaining a good email reputation

Email Newsletter Best Practice Guidelines Defined

Don’t keep making the same mistakes with email newsletter campaigns – learn from successful publishers what really works. Take it to the next level. Learn the key strategies for boosting email conversion rates, open rates and delivery rates.

Email Newsletter Templates that Maximize Revenue

Discover the value of using email newsletter templates to create single-topic email newsletters in which every component is aligned around the same theme.

Maximize revenue by using email newsletter templates to help focus on a single topic.

Get Your Email Marketing Kit from Mequoda (it’s free!)

Download these three free white papers and sending more effective email newsletters and promotions.

117 Mequoda Best Practices

Ten free whitepapers for turning your print publishing company into a successful online publishing company