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Tag: email newsletter review

Sandwiched by Spam: Email Newsletter Marketing Tips

Adjusting the time your emails are sent can save your customers from sifting through spammy subject lines to find your content.

Variety, the bible for show biz insiders, has provided Hollywood movers and shakers with the industry news they need for over 100 years. The company has been around the block when it comes to print publishing, but even the wisest publishers make mistakes when transitioning online.

An Ad Disguised as an Email Newsletter

Find out why your email newsletter should follow the 60/40 rule

Email newsletters are a great way to keep a company’s brand in front of its customers. Their popularity, however, has not spawned effectiveness, and many email newsletters have flawed formats.

Thankfully, the Mequoda Group has a new free email newsletter review to help publishers avoid the flaws and mimic the best practices of email newsletters by analyzing The Daily Dish, South Beach Diet Online’s email newsletter.

This Email Newsletter is a Study in Extremes

More attention to detail would help improve the reader experience and lift response.

Many years ago my father bought a boat and was soliciting ideas for names. My brother jokingly suggested “Drug Money,” not because my father was into anything seedy, but because he had spent his entire career in the pharmaceutical industry, which was lucrative enough to allow him this splurge.

FDAnews is also keenly aware of the revenue opportunities inherent in the world of pharmaceuticals and is leveraging them with a stable of free email newsletters, one of them recently analyzed by the Mequoda Research Team.

The South Beach Diet Online’s Daily Dish: Email Newsletter Review

Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, The Zone – diets are big business these days, a trend The South Beach Diet is looking to leverage online. But does their free email newsletter deliver a well-balanced menu of information or does it need to cut the fat? This month’s email newsletter review looks at The Daily Dish and makes some recommendations.

Quick Fixes to this Email Newsletter Should Increase Revenue

Top Chef, Iron Chef, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay—seems like America’s new favorite hobby is cooking. Publisher Cook’s Illustrated is also in the mix with a TV Show, a website network and a free email newsletter, which we’ll put to test today in this review.

Cook’s Illustrated / America’s Test Kitchen e-Notes: Email Newsletter Review

Top Chef, Iron Chef, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay – seems like America’s new favorite hobby is cooking. Publisher Cook’s Illustrated, one of the grand dames of the industry, is also in the mix. In addition to their TV show on PBS they have a Website and free email newsletter, which we’ll put to the test today in this email newsletter review.

Email Marketing: An Email Audit Checklist from Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne S. Jennings in an online marketing consultant specializing in email marketing. She has developed more than 170 email publications for Reed Business Information U.S., Congressional Quarterly, KCI Communications, and numerous other companies. She publishes The Jennings Report, a free email newsletter for email marketers and also writes an ‘Email Marketing Column’ for