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Tag: email promotion

Meet Your Multiplatform Publishing Mentors

Spend two days with us, and you could become our next success story.


If you’re a magazine publisher in the digital age, you’re certainly savvy enough to succeed. And perhaps you’re satisfied with your revenue and business growth as they are.

But do you know the secrets to boosting revenues by as much as 20% over the

Magazine Marketing 101: Selling More Digital Subscriptions

Digital magazine marketing will give you an afterlife

There are times in business when we feel like we’ve created something great, and we don’t understand why it’s not selling.

Back in 1967, a successful New York ballerina by the name of Marta Becket stumbled upon an old social hall in Death Valley Junction, California, population: 6. After

12 Simple Ways to Streamline Magazine Marketing in Email

Do your magazine marketing promotions spark revenue? If they do, recycle them. If not, dispose of them.
A few years ago, a publisher came to us and during our initial conversations about email, we looked into their EMS backend and discovered that they were creating new email templates for every day of the week as part

The Best Magazine Promotion Ideas Start With This One Strategy

12 magazine promotion ideas stemming from a strict email marketing plan

The scenario plays over and over again: A publisher invests the time and money to build a multiplatform publishing website, only to wonder why they’re not generating as much revenue as expected. When we audit their efforts, we find they’re not sending any promotions for

10 Ways You Can Be a Better Magazine Marketer in 10 Days

When your magazine marketing job gets boring, that means your customers are probably just as bored. Pep up your magazine marketer game in 10 days!

Being a magazine marketer is fun, because you have the epitome of fun topics to promote. Hopefully you’re working in a niche that you’re passionate about, which makes everything you promote

How We’re Recycling Marketing Campaigns at Mequoda (And That One Time We Lost Revenue When We Stopped)

How we’re seeing a larger return on our marketing investment by recycling marketing campaigns across platforms
When I first started working at Mequoda almost 10 years ago, we wrote a lot of promotional copy. We sent several promotions per week, and each one was brand spanking new. For a company that was limited on resources at

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B stands for Business to Business. Because I’ve worked in B2B my entire career, I didn’t realize that there are B2C (Business to Consumer) marketers who haven’t heard the term. Sometimes when I attend events, I’ll blurt it out like second nature and it results in a furrowed brow and a, “what’s B2B stand for again?” Ah, the anti-jargonist went ahead and jargoned. Drats!

According to iContact, customers who receive email newsletters spend 82% more when they buy from the company. So if you’re in B2B, and you’re a publisher, you have no excuse not to send regular emails to your subscriber list. You have expensive products, and you have lots of content. Email marketing is a prime place to share content and promote products.

How to Promote a Magazine Through Email Spotlights

I recently talked to a publisher who, up until recently, almost never promoted his magazine. But he didn’t realize it. He has a Portal with free content, a magazine website that sells his magazine, and an online store with a dozen books that sell for $10-$20 each.

He felt pretty organized and was excited to brag about how well he’d been implementing the Mequoda Method. And we were excited to hear it.

So as not to divulge this particular publisher, let’s say he’s in the fishing niche. He has ten fishing topics he writes about on his portal, and he publishes five days a week. He also has ten paid books, one for each topic he writes about. So far so good, right? This makes daily emails a no-brainer for him.

Online Publishing Job Description: Email Marketing Manager

An Email Marketing Manager is responsible for facilitating accomplishment of a company’s vision and values by maximizing the revenue resulting from opt-in email lists through optimum and sustainable promotion of products.

Create a Calendar for Better Email Marketing Management

Organize email marketing campaigns by creating an editorial and promotional calendar that keeps editors on track and in line with email revenue goals

Email Copywriting Tips for Digital Publishers

How successful are your email copywriting techniques?

People receive a lot of email. If your email newsletter or promotional piece is included among the dozens (or hundreds) of emails in someone’s inbox, what guarantees it will get opened? And if it does, will the email be read, or just skimmed? Will the email recipient reach your call to action?

Email copywriters are constantly fighting these realities. If you fall into the category of struggling with email copywriting, try following these tips.

3 Email Elements for Powerful Promotions

Persuasive email marketing strategies for creating convincing email copy

A well-written email promotion typically results in new consumers, especially if you have a large, active email marketing database. When you create alignment and desire behind the wording and content you’re providing, it is so much easier to turn potential consumers into paying consumers. Below, I’ve listed three tips for writing persuasive email copy you can use in your next promo.

How to Monitor your Digital Publishing Strategy

The iPad, like most publishing digital platforms, offers publishers many metrics that can be managed for business optimization

On Sunday afternoon, I found myself leaning back in my favorite easy chair reading on my iPad. As a publishing consultant, this activity has both a professional and leisure time component for me. I won’t bore you with the leisure time part here, but I will share some business observations that might help you improve your use of the iPad publishing platform including iBooks and Newsstand.

Making Money with Digital Video and Book Bundles

Bundle first, create new products later

While most of the publishers I work with were not in the video production business five years ago, virtually all of them are today. In some cases, the sales of video content now accounts for as much as 20 percent of their total revenue. In addition to sourcing third-party video, many have also built their own production studio and are creating dozens of new titles this year.

Whether you have 10,000, 100,000, or 1 million e-mail subscribers, your e-mail marketing program still has a limited number of slots. Most of the publishers I work with focus on 2 to 5 products, or perhaps I should say offers, each week. Those who have seen revenue per e-mail subscriber increase over the past few years, pay close attention to the performance of the products and offers occupying those precious e-mail promotion slots.

12 Pointers for Jumpstarting New Email Copywriters

Going from editor to email copywriter in 12 quick steps

Now that there’s a bridge between the island of editorial and the island of advertising, the two specialties need to coexist. Even more radical, they need to coexist in the same job title. It’s a whole new breed, making their home on the new island of “advertorial”. The new editors of today are now being trained to market the products that their companies sell, within their editorial content.

That’s why it’s so important for new editors to understand the basic rules of email copywriting.

4 Ways to Get Email Subscribers from Inbox to Sale

Email copywriting is only a small ingredient in the grand scheme of email marketing

Why do you send email promotions? Why do you send email newsletters? The answer is that you want the user to complete a task. Maybe the task is for them to click on an ad, or to click through to an article on your website. At the end of the day, you hope that your email newsletter will elicit some type of transaction.

The Real Relationship Between Inbound Links and Audience Development

The popularity contest of inbound links

Inbound links tell search engines that you’re popular. When another site of high authority links to you, it tells Google that someone whom they respect, also respects you.

In turn, Google now respects you too! It’s like a highschool clique; you can make fun of the popular kids behind their backs, but you’re still going to be an “outcast”, and you’re still going to go unnoticed until they want to hang out with you.

Luckily, in search engine land, the rules are in your favor. You can be pretty and flashy, but Google won’t take you out on a date if you have no depth.

How to Write a Better Email Call-to-Action

Four tips for getting more people to read your email and buy your product

Back in the day, you’d get an elaborate direct mail piece that may have lasted three to five pages. With the luck of a talented copywriter, you might even get people to read the entire letter, but they might at least skip to the end after reading through.

This method doesn’t work in email because people don’t like to scroll. They want to know right away, what you’re offering so that they can determine if they want to read the rest of your copy.

Editorial Management Guidelines: Publishing Schedule Explained [CHART]

Use a combination of email newsletters and email marketing promotions to build customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value

Mequoda System Publishers use their websites to build customer loyalty and increase their email database. We’re not talking about a marketing channel you build and blast.

For Mequoda System Publishers, the email channel is a tool that provides frequent, valuable information to loyal users. This is best accomplished with a combination of email newsletters and email promotions to build customer relationships and maximize customer lifetime value.

The Online Publishing Email Strategy

Do you want to maximize your customer lifetime value?

Successful publishers generate online revenue by selling either advertising/sponsorships or physical information products— books, magazines, newsletters, live events, DVDs, CDs, etc. Many sell both.

For many successful online publishers, the majority of their page views occur with their email. Email newsletters drive page views for both product-driven websites and ad-driven websites.

Many online publishers use email circulation as a primary metric for measuring their success. We’ve seen revenue per email subscriber vary from $10 per year for B2C publishers to as high as $80 per year. The goal of a publisher’s email marketing program should be to increase customer lifetime value.

Three Favorite Email Subject Lines – What Are Yours?

It’s OK to borrow email marketing subject lines when they’re good

The average Internet user is bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of email subject lines every day. Most of us have developed an anti-headline defense and tune out when we sense an email subject line is trying to sell us something.

However, since we are marketers, we have an advantage over the average consumer to be able to identify which subject lines stand out to us amongst the clutter of our own email inboxes.

3 Problems & Solutions for Better Email Newsletter Marketing

Email marketing RESULTS don’t get better until YOU get better

The other day, social media guru Chris Brogan said, “email marketing isn’t dead…. sh*tty email marketing is dead.” This blunt and honest statement about email marketing is an absolute truth.

Email marketing and email newsletters are far from dead. Even Twitter and RSS junkies HAVE to check email and are willing to add their name to an email list, so long as the content is useful and the reader looks forward to getting the email when it comes in.

Why Good Email Copywriting Beats Pretty Graphics

Focus on the sell and make good email copywriting your first priority over fancy design

Just like in website design, we are often coerced into creating something visually appealing rather than focusing on what is going to sell a product. However, any smart publisher who has tested an email promotion with copy and graphics will tell you that copy always wins.

In a test this year by Marketing Experiments, they tested an email newsletter with three different versions:

Do You Need Some Assistance with Your Copy?

Last chance to get your email promotion headlines critiques and rewritten

So You Wanna Be a Mequoda System Editor?

Being a Mequoda System editor means following a regular, formal process that recasts the content of other media products.
As a Mequoda System Editor, or any online editor, you may have responsibility for developing content that is variously combined and disaggregated for four uses: emails, blog posts, free special reports and premium products.

Fundamentally, editors generate email

New for “Free Report Friday”: Editorial Management Guidelines for Online Publishers

Now a free special report, Editorial Management Guidelines for Online Publishers, provides specific answers and recommendations that address your most pressing online publishing and content marketing questions.

SIPA Take Away #4: Membership Website Experience from Mark Ragan

Mark Ragan of and Ragan Select, tells publishers how their new membership website and social network has brought profitability from 31% to 49%

MPA-IMAG 2009 Conference Coverage: 10 Lessons Learned from Taunton’s Membership Websites

With traffic and sales doubling in the past year, Taunton’s Janine Scolpino discusses some keys to membership website success

What’s the Value of an Inbound Link?

You know the drill: put on your link-building hat and drive website traffic! But why?

Everyone’s telling you to increase audience development by getting on social networks, PR sites and blogs to build relationships where others will link to you (and to link to yourself from those sites). Work, work, work for all those inbound links and watch your traffic soar, they say.

Interweave Seeks Email Marketing Manager

Interweave Seeks eMail Marketing Manager

Profitable Email Newsletter Marketing

10 Criteria for Increasing Open Rates and Conversions on Your Email Newsletters or Promotions

Using Paid Media to Build Email Circulation

Paid media programs balance your Internet marketing system

While patience is a required virtue for earned media programs, paid media programs offer the Mequoda Marketing System operator the opportunity for quick results with a reasonable ROI (return on investment). Each of these programs involves finding and buying traffic by spending money to buy advertising, leads or lists.

Use Power Words in Your Headlines

You’ll write strong, engaging headlines when you use proven power words

The ideal headline for your sales letter landing page, print ad or email promotion is a statement of your product’s unique selling proposition or the promise that it’s going to satisfy a need or solve a problem.

The headline is an advertisement for an advertisement. It must grab the reader’s attention with such force that she can’t resist reading the next sentence.