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Tag: emap

Tips for Boosting Your Subscription Revenue Model

For digital publishers not fully reliant on ads – which hopefully is you if you’re aiming for high multiplatform performance – few components are as crucial as your subscription revenue model.

At Mequoda, we’ve spent a ton of time studying and writing about digital subscriptions, because we believe they’re a big part of the future of digital magazines.

News From Online Magazine Publishers: App Updates, Launches + Push for Archives

Online magazine publishers are focusing on tightening up their apps and archives in the evolving effort to bolster digital product. In the midst of all of this activity, Talking New Media’s D.B. Hebbard both offers excellent coverage while at the same time proposing that media companies mimic some aspects of print business models in order to succeed.

News Flash, Magazines Are Not Failing!

In a recent article over on by Mary Berner, she states that Becky Lang is dead wrong about the future of magazines with a multitude of statistics that say the complete opposite. Print magazines audiences are up by 1.3 percent and tablet magazine audiences are up by a whopping 47.5 percent. She sites that 50 percent of readers ages 18 to 34 are following some sort of writer, whether it be a specific brand or writer/editor on Twitter.

At SIPA UK Conference, Content Remains King

Gilbertson Opens SIPA UK Conference

The 17th Annual SIPA UK Congress in London got under way today, and The SIPA Twitter Wall (#SIPAUK2011) is proving almost as active as it did for last month’s conference in Washington, D.C. Here are a few of the tweets that have been posted so far:

***“[David] Gilbertson says think big, act small. Be fast, nimble and have drive. This is what makes specialist information work.” – Andy Soloman
***“Common theme from

Managing Information High on Agenda at SIPA UK

You’ll Be in Good Company at SIPA UK

I was looking through information on speakers for the upcoming SIPA UK Conference, July 13-14, in London, and came across an “Exclusive interview with Patrick Smith, editor of The Media Briefing.” He will co-deliver a session on digital publishing with Martin Stabe of the Financial Times, and this is a nice coup for SIPA. (A commenter on that site wrote, “HOW DID YOU GET HIM? Fabulous interview.”)

It seems to be one of a number of “coups” for SIPA in terms of the excellent speakers for this conference. Here are quotes/tips from five speakers and a list of three more. If there’s any way you can attend, you should. It will really expose you to some fresh thinking.

SIPA UK Conference is Next Big Thing…

SIPA UK Conference Spotlights Consultants, Key Topics

Top consultants may charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars to give their advice. At the upcoming SIPA UK 17th Annual Congress, July 13-14, in London, the sage words of some of these consultants will be included in the price of admission—along with roundtables, breakouts, discussion forums, an awards ceremony and…well, afternoon tea, of course.

Dominic Jacquesson is the CEO of the consulting group Ink on Dead Trees. At the SIPA UK Conference, he will lead a session titled “Going mobile – lessons for digital publishers.” In a recent interview with Customer Direct, Jacquesson said, “We’ve had more than decade of the web where, to our own discredit, we’ve trained consumers to expect that everything will be for free; we’ve got to hit the reset button on that. Whenever there has been a shift in the past in media platforms—we’ve seen it before with tape to CD, etc…—it gives you a chance to reset pricing models. And that’s what apps are doing. And they are doing it. People have shown willingness to pay for apps and app content—even when the content is intrinsically the same that they can get for free on the web.