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Tag: Facebook for Publishers

Publisher Monetization: Video, Display Ads, Facebook

Popular industry opinion says publisher monetization of video, digital advertising, and social media is a 21st-century challenge. The thinking goes that previous generations of magazines – read: print – were blessed with a much more straightforward task than we have: Produce quality content and distribute it effectively via subscriptions and newsstand.

But popular industry opinion is wrong.

The aforementioned 21st-century challenge is actually age-old; it’s simply the same song, different verse. Or, put another way, the straightforward task that our predecessors faced is still the one we face today: Produce quality content and distribute it effectively.

If anything, you have more options than ever. Readers, do, too, of course, which means you have to step up your game – but the reward is full-throttle revenue streams when you find the right formula. Mequoda can help you with that part. And Digiday – one of the foremost monitors of digital publishing news – can help you track the trends that will shape your strategy. Let’s take a look at quartet of their recent articles.

3 Reasons Publishers Like Facebook

Why are you using Facebook? See if your reasons align with other publishers

It will be interesting to see what happens to Facebook now that the company has gone public. One thing that seems to be expected is that its popularity will continue to grow towards one billion members.

Extensive Training Options Offered in Mequoda PRO

60+ hours of educational webinars await you on-demand

The education process has come a long way in a short time. Remember the days when going to a class or a library were the most popular ways to learn?

The Internet has changed that. And although school and libraries are still relevant, information seekers have more options.

Digital Publishing Tips Found On-Demand

Are you looking for ways to optimize your entire digital publishing business?

Legacy publishers new to the online environment may feel overwhelmed by the operating tasks at hand.

For instance, the design of your media website is crucial to consumer usability and product monetization. It also needs to be Google-friendly so more audience members can find your content.

12 Ways Publishers Generate Revenue on Facebook

Let’s start with a little breakdown of why Facebook just became the #1 place to generate revenue in social media.

Facebook accounts for 52.1% percent of all sharing on the web. When someone wants to share something, they share it on Facebook—and this includes your promotions and sales. In fact, 93% of Facebook users have posted or read some kind of shopping recommendation this 2011 holiday season and 66% percent of those people ended up making a purchase on Black Friday/Cyber Monday “as a direct result of social media interactions with brands and family”.

TOMORROW: Facebook Strategies for Every Editor—Revenue, Traffic & Community

Last week we wrapped up the final touches on our brand new Facebook for Publishers presentation set to debut during tomorrow’s webinar. If you’ve spent time with us recently, you know that we have an abundance of lessons to teach on Facebook, however until now it’s never been touched up quite so eloquently.

Strategies for Playing Catch-Up With Facebook Updates

Just recently, Facebook made an entire update to their analytics and let’s just say that you can finally make sense from the numbers they’ve given you. And if you can’t—we’ve got a webinar for you. But we’re not just talking analytics, we’re also diving deeply into all of the other massive changes that have taken place on Facebook recently, some of which you may or may not have figured out and assembled yet.

Are Your Facebook Marketing Attempts Under-Performing?

In an ideal world, we could write one blog post and promote it the same way on every platform. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Email subscribers sign up to your email newsletter to keep up to date on everything you’re teaching, showing and sharing. They aren’t expected to respond to your emails, post comments or do anything more than read.

3 Things You’ll Learn During Our Facebook Webinar

Any marketing campaign has the same end goal: make more money for the company. The only difference between a traditional marketing campaign and a social media campaign is that social media marketing is based on loyalty instead of making a quick buck or generating a quick lead.

In our 90-minute Facebook for Publishers webinar, you’ll discover the only three things you need to know about Facebook marketing:

How Facebook’s Updates Are Going to Affect You

If your best friend suddenly got a facelift and became a Buddhist monk, you’d still love him right? He wouldn’t quite look the same, and he might act differently, but he’s probably a little better looking and maybe even a little better of a person now, correct? Well that’s all debatable, as is any update that Facebook makes, but we have to work with what we’ve got, right?

Facebook and Twitter are still the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Even a B2B company like Mequoda gets a good chunk of traffic from our Facebook page, against all odds. Is LinkedIn a better network for us? Surely, but you know us—we like to keep our hands in everything, otherwise we wouldn’t have anything to talk about!

Facebook for Publishers

Order this new, 90-minute webinar and discover how the “new’ Facebook has affected publishers everywhere, and how we’ve learned to love these adjustments