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Tag: forbes family

Forbes Family Sells Majority Stake to IWM

The Forbes family announced late last week that it will sell a majority stake of Forbes Media LLC to the international investment firm Integrated Whale Media, led by Integrated Asset Management and based in Hong Kong. The family will retain a “significant” stake, and will still be involved in the company.

Knight Kiplinger Talks About the Future of Kiplinger Magazine

What do you do when your the head of a well-known financial publishing brand and none of your heirs have gone into the family business? Well, for starters you start talking about the future now so things wouldn’t seem so drastic down the road. That is what Knight Kiplinger did when he talked to Thomas Heath of The Washington Post about his family-owned publication, Kiplinger.

Pinterest Gains Audience Development Relevance as a News Provider

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only social networks relevant in the news world; Pinterest is now an important social network in the news world. Kurt Wagner writes, “A new study from Gigya, a social login provider for many media companies, including ABC, NBC, and FOX, found that 20% of all “media/publishing”-related content shared to social networks in Q3 was shared on Pinterest. Facebook (40%) and Twitter (30%) maintained leads in the category, but Pinterest gained some ground after accounting for 18% of media and publishing shares in Q2.” Website Design Review

With Advertisers Footing the Bill, has Built a Website Offering a Superior—and Free—Online Content Experience for Users. is part of (do I really need to say this?) the Forbes family publishing business. Including the familiar Forbes magazine, the websites and, spin-off magazines such as ForbesLife, business and investing specialty newsletters, a business conference division and Forbes on Fox TV. This is a typical Mequoda publishing pyramid—with a very rich family sitting on top.