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Tag: ForbesLife

‘Forbes’ Targets Luxury Lifestyle with New Website

ForbesLife, Forbes’ luxury lifestyle magazine, has a new website, according to the company.

The website is curated by a team of editors, and it’s reported that over 150 journalists will contribute to the site.

The Forbes Digital Future Following Its Sale to IWM

Forbes Media Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin quickly took to the website recently to address the magazine’s digital future after its sale to Hong Kong-based Integrated Whale Media.

Men’s Health Digital and ForbesLife Step Up Web Presences

Women’s Wear Daily reports that two major names in magazine publishing will be devoting more resources to digital.

#ForbesLife: Steve Forbes is Staying with Forbes

Any good story is due a hashtag and we’re calling it #ForbesLife. What it must be like to be a Forbes right now!

Steve Forbes still hasn’t told us who the winning bidder is, but “insiders” say that Forbes is adamant about staying around with a stake in the company, even if the rest of the Forbes clan does not. Website Design Review

With Advertisers Footing the Bill, has Built a Website Offering a Superior—and Free—Online Content Experience for Users. is part of (do I really need to say this?) the Forbes family publishing business. Including the familiar Forbes magazine, the websites and, spin-off magazines such as ForbesLife, business and investing specialty newsletters, a business conference division and Forbes on Fox TV. This is a typical Mequoda publishing pyramid—with a very rich family sitting on top.